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Clear Point

To give background to this project, I was tasked with engaging low-income households with becoming advocates for protecting the environment and their local communities. When researching why recycling is still such a problem within certain communities I found that one of the biggest problems is that people are not confident that they are recycling correctly. I decided that meal deals would be the way I would target my users due to the huge amount of packaging that goes into them.

One issue that I came about was that people don’t like campaigns being forced upon them and so I had to find a way of getting the issue in front of them without putting them off. I went about looking at creating packaging that only revealed detailed information about the campaign after the point of sale, trapping the user's attention. I devised a one-off campaign that offers consumers a free meal deal, the consumer claims the cost back after correctly recycling the packaging. I further helped users' confidence by devising a recycling unit that uses bold visual aids to help clarify any confusion.

William Hingley

Throughout my final year studies, I have been focusing on user experience as my area of interest and bringing design and its development back to the users behaviour and expectation.

I am a UX designer who aspirers to further my knowledge and experience through the industry. I am fascinated by why people behave the way they do and how to use the information to benefit my design and its process. Throughout my work I have looked at different ways in which a user's experience can be enhanced and used to benefit the end goal, creating an emotional design that helps engage the user. Throughout this final year, UX has been my focus and as a result, my work has created a true passion.

Final year project

English Heritage AR / Forkit / Spotify / Clear Point


Gained a distinction through my Foundation Arts Degree that I studied at Loughborough University, 2017-2018.

Work Experience

I was extremely lucky to have worked with the team at Hydra Creative throughout my time on placement.

Whilst with Hydra I was given a paid position as a ‘Graphic Designer (intern)’. Throughout this time I was able to work on such a vast array of tasks from internal to client work. I was also able to engage in client meetings and have professional communication with clients.

My year out like many of my colleagues at university was very strange with the arrival of COVID-19. It was a very disruptive time for everyone, it presented a new way of working and caused problems that had to be overcome.
COVID-19 helped me to assess what I had learned and tested me, I felt I was able to hold my own when working from home and found I could adapt well to change and get work completed. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and community at Hydra.