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‪The project is launched to address the problem that libraries are unable to attract youth in contemporary times, which would ultimately result in the closure of inefficient use of a large number of libraries. Through the study of the history of the city and the lifestyle of local residents, a solution has been designed. Named as "the chasm", the library refers to the chasm in the city, while also carrying functional purpose as the information carrier.‬
This library is constructed in a way that integrates its traditional function with a space for public activities through space design. The construction also embodies modern science and technology.
Hence, it is able to attract tourists from all backgrounds, regions and ages, and popularize the knowledge culture related to the urban area. Concomitantly, it can also promote local economic growth.



The idea of a flying tower is inspired by a story from the Hebrew Bible. In this story, a group of people who speak only a language arrive from the East to Babylon, and decide to build a city and a high tower that “has access to paradise”. Seeing this, God divides their language into many forms so that they won’t understand each other anymore. God then disperses them around the world.‬
Design Concept and Function Structures
Drawing on ancient legends and high tech cities in future, I built a city to reassemble the people who are scattered around the world and to form a Utopia that itself represents paradise instead of a path to it. It is a mobile paradise city that can escape any kind of natural disasters such as drought, flood and windstorm, etc. It can also move to outer space to be the future “space city” of human.
With respect to the design, the central shape of the flying tower is a cylinder with different functional areas from top to bottom. In order to exhibit “a collection of a different culture” and the sense of Utopia, I referenced worldwide landmarks of different cultures and added modern scientific elements as well as future industrial elements



‪My work expresses my belief that the ideal built environments should not only serve people physically and materially but also culturally and ecologically. My long-term professional goal is to study and practice ecological designs, to remain at the frontier of research, generating knowledge that inspires interruptive yet sustainable practices across the world. ‬

During my years in the Loughborough architecture department, I explored urban design concepts around adaptability that accommodate ecological needs of the environment and lifestyle; I practised storytelling techniques that endow built space with the cultural richness of the project and so on. Which are all helpful for future studies and career.

Final year project


Work Experience

AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Group, Shenzhen, China August 2020
Design Intern
• Assisted with a design project on a bay residential complex in the city of Shenzhen.
• Prepared drawings of different phases as part of the design team,
• Conducted additional assignments such as market research, documentation of client consultations, and brainstorming of ideas.
• Prepared internal presentations on behalf of the team to supervisors.
• Shadowed professional architects in their daily work and observed planning meetings with senior management.

LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Shenzhen, China July – August 2019
Design Intern
• Worked on three large-scale projects in three cities in Guangdong province, China. Each project includes design and development for 10+ buildings.
• Assisted project teams on a variety of tasks such as archival research, site visits, documentation of conditions, preparing drawings and reports.
• Worked directly with and reported to the company’s lead architect Leo Austrian and observed many phases of real-life projects.
• Collaborated with other interns on creative assignments such as modelling, concept storytelling, construction of user stories, and creating presentations for outside stakeholders.
• Enhanced interpersonal communication skills at a professional level.

Yinuo Space Decoration Co., Guiyang, China June 2020 – May 2021
Space & Interior Design Intern
• Assisted with the interior design and inside space construction of a newly built villa in the city of Guiyang.
• Worked with the interior design team and the construction team.
• Participated in all phases of the project such as consultation, onsite documentation, materials research, drawings of different phases, and presentation, witnessing how design concepts transform into production in real life.
• Conducted pricing research on interior finishing materials and products to comply with budget requirements