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Kenter - User interface

The dial and the button control allow the user to control four functions in a simple and intuitive way and the user interface is clear and easy to read for the user by using a colour contrast.

Divoc - Live project

Divoc is a reusable home testing device that gives out real-time COVID-19 diagnosis by exhaling around the opening.

Divoc - Live project

It is comfortable to hold due to the rounded form and it is also portable, so the user can feel safe to relax social distancing, thus changing the user's daily lifestyle.

Divoc - scenario

The device will reduce health and test results anxiety as knowing the state of health ourselves would improve our mental wellbeing.


Pollu is a bicycle filtration device that is integrated with a circular system and an interactive platform aiming to collect and convert PM2.5 into a useful fibre. This project is completed with Alice McCutcheon and Luke Moutia.

Weiling Huang

I believed that perfection in design is not achievable because it is a process of unlimited iteration and I enjoyed making improvements that move the design forward.

Studying abroad at a young age, my ability to adapt becomes my strength, which makes me skilled at facing different challenges and finding solutions. Having this background allows me to see the world in a different light and being bilingual allows me to access different inspirations and trends in Asia, which helps my design thinking process become more inclusive. I enjoyed the process of rendering as it brings the concept to life and it allows aesthetics to be presented. Following graduation, I am willing to accept more challenges and aim to bring concepts into the market and potentially create an impact on user's daily life.

Final year project



'21 Nominee for RSA Design Awards by LDS
'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'18 Teaira Luxury Tea Tin - Worldstar Worldwide Design Competition Certificate of Recognition
'18 Teaira Luxury Tea Tin - Starpack National Design Competition Silver & Sponsor runner up Award
Sponsor comments: Clever and original design. Great shelf appeal - excellent gift idea
'17 School Design Award presented by the Furniture Makers' Company

Work Experience

August 2019- August 2020 - Engineering assistant in AT Controls in USA, Cincinnati
During the time at AT controls, I researched, designed and created standard assembly documents, which allow systematic training and consistency throughout the company. In addition, I become proficient at using Solidworks by creating a significant amount of engineering drawings and creating complicated parts. Moreover, I also served as an interpreter for the company to translate Mandarin into English during meetings with the engineers.

July 2018- Sept 2018 - Summer intern at Transworld CO., LTD. Taiwan
In this internship, I converted 2D engineering drawings into 3D form using Solidworks to enable colleagues to estimate the prices of the parts. I also translate English into Mandarin in several meetings with foreign customers.