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This is How LUNA Deploys

The LUNA ramp uses a motor connected to a pulley system to move both gears simultaneously to make the ramp extend and retract. A slip ring is attached to the motor to ensure that the cables do not get tangled when the ramp is in use.

One Directional Bearing (Sprag Clutch)

Using a sprag clutch means that the ramp will only spin in one direction and won’t fall back down when in storage mode. Making it easier to set up and to improve the user experience.

Storage Set Up

When the ramp is closed, the user will store it on the back of the wheelchair with the poles out of the way. The user will still have access to the push ring, allowing for full mobility when going forwards and backwards.


LUNA also comes with an app that will allow the user to look up routes that are the most accessible. The app will also help keep the ramp maintained by teaching the user how to use it correctly. There is also a social media aspect to allow users to share their thoughts and emotions with like-minded users.

The MAKER Table

MAKER is a coffee table that the user can easily transform into a home workout station. The purpose of this is to allow the user to hide their workout equipment in plain sight and keep it in a small storage unit that can act as a coffee table. The MAKER table allows for Squats, deadlifts, bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press and many more.

Vimalraj Pitchaikannan

My interest in inclusivity allows for a research-based approach to produce highly functional user-focused designs.

I enjoy designing products and services that will allow people to have a better user experience using them, including creating new concepts or improving old ones. My final year project LUNA looked at enhancing the experience for wheelchair users when using public transport. LUNA is a ramp that is retrofitted to a wheelchair to provide access when travelling. This idea aims to provide the ability to be spontaneous whenever users desire without the need to call up stations for support. LUNA also provides a community to share routes with other users that are wheelchair accessible. I want a career in user experience design, to engage in the design process and produce new user-centred projects.

Final year project

Retro-Fitted Wheelchair Ramp