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SkinHealth - building skin tracking into your daily moisituring routine.

A week-long live project. Focusing on the identification and prevention of skin cancer due to sun exposure. SkinHealth is a daily skin care device, that allows them to not only moisturise and protect their skin, but to observe, monitor, and educate themselves on their skin so they can consult health professionals remotely if required, hopefully improving early detection.

SkinHealth - the technology

Looking at technology up to 5 years time- using a high-resolution camera- with magnifier and cross polarised lighting,
to get the best crisp images possible of the user’s moles or lesions to monitor and detect changes daily. A small portable ultrasound is enabled through an app with the doctor’s permission who activates it. This gives images of the structure of the skin tissue, not only separating the lesions from the healthy parts but also their depth and size.

SkinHealth - refillable biodegradable pouches

SkinHealth with its built-in moisturiser bottle can be filled with refillable pouches that are biodegradable by simply unscrewing the head of the device, this design will help contribute to reducing the amount of plastic we use when purchasing cosmetic products.

Organigo - Yoghurt Pot

Organigo is a packaging design with the intent to help reduce the use of single-use plastic when it comes to food consumption. The design is made from carton board and can easily be disassembled into a flat pack for quick recyclability. It also helps with portion control and minimises waste by making them individual snack size pots, that split into two sections; the yoghurt and the snack to pour into it.

The Crown - Gin gift set

The Crown is a multifunctional luxury gin gift set. The design is manufactured from tin, enabling it to have multiple uses. It starts off as a gift set that can easily be transported with the use of the handle, and then into a drink stand when in use, with drinks holders, and a slot for the gin, flavours, ice pot and tongs to fit. When this use has been finished with it can be turned into a herb garden allowing herbs to be grown like mint to go into future drinks.

Tuela Smith

I enjoy delving deep to emphasize with users and define problems, big or small, to ideate and prototype sustainable solutions to help create a better future for the world around.

I have undertaken over the last year four projects, two are product designs that focused on posture support for the musculoskeletal system and a skincare device to help protect the skin from sun exposure and make identification quicker for earlier treatment. The latter two projects are packaging concepts, one for high-end gin and the other for sustainable carton board packaging that replaces single-use plastic.

My enthusiastic character, passion, and flair as a designer feature daily in my can-do approach A main strength of mine is exploring world problems, delving deep into day-to-day lives. I work with a hands-on approach, brainstorming and ideating to communicate ideas to others, whether this to clients or team members. I use foam prototyping to adjust and develop designs; I find sustainable design approaches and the direction of biomimicry an interesting path to continue to follow, as I feel as designers we have a responsibility to make sure what we design and put back into the environment has a positive impact on our future.

Final year project



Gold Starpack Winner and World Starpack Honorary Mention (2019) from Graphic Packaging - 'Organigo' a two-compartment yoghurt pot 100% recyclable and made from carton board. With the aim to help contribute to the removal of single-use plastic from food packaging.

Starpack Honorary Mention (2020) from Graphic Packaging - 'The Crown' a multifunctional luxury gin gift set. The gift set has a handle to easily carry the product then turns into a drinks stand for when in use. Not only this but it then turns into a herb garden at the end of life, to grow herbs for more gins to come.