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Resurgence Cultivator Exploded View

RDX Combat Alliance

This project was created for our design week 2021. I chose a brief set by DCA to create a product that helps enable people to exercise at home in the context of the pandemic. Combat alliance is a remote training arena powered by virtual reality, combined with a haptic feedback suit to bring the sparring experience to life. Combatants can virtually connect with training partners or meet new opponents online.

Commerce Attaché

The Commerce Attaché is a remote money management device designed to smoothly expedite the accounting process for small business owners. Security is an integral element to the devices' function, the Commerce Attaché uses biometrics to guarantee physical financial protection to the user.

Commerce Attaché

The Digital Harth

The Digital Harth is a personal project I undertook during Summer 2020. The product's sole purpose is as a facility for communication, integrating only the essential features for staying in touch. This product promotes a streamlined approach to modern communication. It is an expression of one's attitude towards overstimulation which is all too often caused by technology in the modern age.

Tobias Cahill

I love the process of designing something new, from immersing myself in the context of a problem to arriving at well resolved product solution.

I enjoy tackling design problems through understanding and surrounding myself in the context of the problem. I am fluent at sketching my thoughts and I like to iterate between sketch and CAD while regularly responding to feedback. Constantly reflecting upon my decisions helps to create a fully resolved user-focused design, with logic and innovation always at the forefront of my approach. I would like to create products and solutions that help build a more sustainable future to ensure generations to come aren't compromised as a result of our choices today.

Final year project

Resurgence Microneedling Device

Work Experience

During my placement year, I interned at CWD London where I worked on a wide range of projects from consumer electronics to hotel lighting to pharmaceutical equipment. Working on a variety of live projects helped me expand upon my design, CAD and rendering skills. During my time at CWD, I refined my eye for gauging good design, making a habit of critically and constructively reflecting upon my work. This was especially important when designing for brands which helped me gain the ability to assimilate different design languages to marry function with aesthetic. I also gained an invaluable understanding of how products come to fruition and the challenges that accompany the design process from conceptualisation to final manufacture.