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The low slung and smooth longboard inspired steering, combined with the universal familiarity of a scooter, provides a unique, funky and intuitively usable ride.


Once the deck and handle column are folded flat the structure can be easily concertinaed into its flat folded form, designed to be similar to other items carried in a rucksack. This facilitates seamlessly slotting into a student/ commuter bag and means users always have it when they need it.


A simple durable cover can be slipped over the Beastie to keep your rucksack clean and protect other items. The break protrudes through the cover conveniently doubling as a fixing point

Reliable, Repairable, Sustainable

The Beastie is made almost entirely from laser-cut stainless parts riveted together with a Polyurethane storm canvas sandwich. This enables low-cost tool-less manufacture whilst still ensuring a durable design with replaceable parts.


The development of the unique flat-folding hinge design is key to the simplicity of the folding process and the compact form when folded. The whole design evolved through varied and many low fidelity prototypes before developing into multiple full steel and aluminium assemblies. Each stage from models made from train tickets to the final rideable scooter helped refine the design.

Teddy Dickson

I enjoy lateral thinking, proceeding with a open mind and learning by experience to create genuinely innovative designs.

This project was about designing an exciting solution to a complex but clear problem. I aimed to create an intriguing product, interesting enough to grab users' attention but functional and considered enough that it solves the problem effectively, works in practice and could be manufactured sustainably at a price appropriate to the target user.

I hope it shows my strengths but it doesn't tell the whole story. In many ways the part of a design I enjoy the most, at the university and in work, is the opportunity to bounce ideas around a team, leveraging different perspectives to spark deeper creativity. In my experience what I have brought to these projects is the imagination to come up with original designs and the practicality to make them work. What I want from my career is the opportunity to use these skills to bring creative, effective and sustainable solutions to life.

Final year project

A Solution to Make Sustainable Transport the Easy Option.

Work Experience

Idea Reality - Design Consultancy
9 Months
A brilliant placement with a collaborative team who trusted my judgement to guide multiple interesting and varied client-facing projects independently. This was my first experience working with clients in a commercial context and solving problems all the way through the design process.

Full Grown - Growing chairs and art out of Trees
1 week
A fascinating week crammed with lessons in a completely unique approach to design and practical challenges of a small business.

Red Bull Racing
1 week
This was a great experience, seeing a part going from conception through prototyping, testing and all the way to production in a matter of days was incredible.