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Developed from observational drawings of crystal formations, this design is a half-drop repeat pattern that has been screen printed onto wool. Drawing inspiration from alchemical symbolism, these star-like forms are a contemporary interpretation of the sunburst symbol, capturing the explosive energy of a chemical reaction.

Into the Aether

A photographic wallpaper design with screen printed pigment mark making. Into the Aether is an exploration of the unknown, a visual illustration of celestial energy that fills all space and connects all things.


Balance is an abstract placement design, screen printed onto wool to create a contemporary blanket. The bold geometry of the design explores the harmony of colour and shape, creating a sense of depth through the overlapping of translucent dyes.


Organic, textural and alive, this placement print dances across the woollen blanket growing and transforming into something new. Stitched together from a donated off-cut of wool, the blanket utilises the raw edges of the fabric to create a one-of-a-kind surface that embraces the artisan feel of the collection.

Alchemy - Wool Collection

This collection photograph Showcases a selection of fabric outcomes which have been screen printed onto wool. Selected for its natural circularity and inherent characteristics, the collection utilises wool as a tool to design for longevity and emotional durability.

Sydney Hazrati

Specialising in print design, my practice aims to create contemporary textile outcomes that draws inspiration from Historical and contemporary references, art, music and the natural world. Combining both hand and digital skills, my work focuses on conveying a strong sense of storytelling with an emphasis on materiality to produce a collection that is tactile and original.

Alchemy – The Secret Art is a bespoke interior collection that explores man’s relationship with the cosmos and the influence of the stars on terrestrial events. Drawing on research from literary publications and alchemical artwork, the collection is inspired by the magic and mysticism surrounding the practice of alchemy as a way of expressing the uncertainty of our future. Influenced by the fundamental principles of alchemy, imagery for the collection explores the themes of transformation and creation through the juxtaposition of scale, contrasting surface qualities and abstract forms. The visual research for the project has been translated into a contemporary textile collection that demonstrates confident hand and digital skills; utilising a range of composition structures and printing methods. Expressive, tactile and atmospheric, the outcomes for Alchemy – The Secret Art showcase a love story telling, craft and experimentation. After graduating, I hope to continue my creative practice and develop as an artist by pursuing a career in print design whilst pushing the boundaries between design and fine art.

I would like to give special thanks to Abraham Moon & Sons, Bute Fabrics and Christopher Farr Cloth for their support and generous donation of fabrics for the collection.

Final year project

Alchemy - The Secret Art


2021 - Diploma of Professional Studies
2019 - 3rd place for the Milliken Carpet Design and Supporting Interior Textiles Live Project.
2019 - Winner of the Ted Baker Womenswear Design Project
2019 - Première Vision Paris - Digital pieces exhibited at the Loughborough University stand
2018 - Work exhibited at the Charnwood Arts gallery in the ‘Re-Making Histories’ exhibition
2018 - Work exhibited at the Martin Hall Gallery Space, Loughborough University

Work Experience

Print Textile Design Intern
Hobbs London
Oct 2019 – Aug 2020

On this placement I worked within the Print department. My key responsibilities included; working on the digital development of designs, repeat work, colour ways and assisting the print team by creating print packs for suppliers. Throughout this placement I worked predominately digitally which has enabled me to improve my proficiency using adobe software. In this fast-paced environment, I learnt to work efficiently as part of a team, liaising with various departments within the company which has helped to develop both my professional and interpersonal skillset. This was particularly important during the transition to remote working in the final months of my placement.

Print Design and Fabric Intern
Alexander McQueen
Jul 2019 – Sep 2019

During my placement at Alexander McQueen, I worked with the print and fabric team on the SS20 collection. I assisted with gathering research, organising and creating fabric boards, hand dyeing fabric as well as drawing imagery in response to the brief. The digital development of artwork included producing repeats, colourways and scales of archive prints in Adobe Photoshop.

My time at Alexander McQueen has developed my understanding of the design process and provided valuable insight into the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required within the luxury market. One of the most important things I have taken away from this placement experience is the importance of time management, by prioritising and planning I was able to meet all of my deadlines and work confidently under pressure.