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Tampax Rebrand - Machine's UX Design

This image shows a few examples of how the screen on the machine would function in order for consumers to obtain their desired products. There is a full video run-through in my online portfolio.

Tampax Rebrand - Summary

A summary of the benefits and outcomes from this rebrand.

'Tiptop' Project

This image shows an instruction booklet from a project I undertook to help tackle child obesity. This brand, 'Tiptop', is partnered with Aldi and involves packs of activity cards sent to school to be given out for children in years 5&6 (aged 9-11). The packs of cards involve a variety of different informational, nutritional and activity cards. Once children complete a full activity card, they take these to school and exchange them for an Aldi voucher which gives them access to free fruit and veg. By encouraging and educating children on healthy lifestyles, and by giving them access to healthier foods, should help to reduce child obesity. Furthermore, these healthy behaviours are likely to stick with them if implemented at this age.

'Tiptop' - How it Works

This shows the instruction booklet in more depth, to help gain an understanding of how the brand works.

'Tiptop' - Cards

This image shows an example of some of the cards that would be in the packs. There are cards educating about nutrition, nutrition activity cards, and exercise activity cards.

Sophie Taylor

Having been a loyal Tampax customer for around 6 years, learning more about their history and being able to rebrand them felt really rewarding. I definitely felt they needed to undergo a rebranding as their assets were so segregated and random, not really allowing for an overall feel of the brand. Being market leaders, they have a very loyal consumer base anyway, however, with new organic, more eco-friendly brands surfacing and growing, I thought this was a key time for Tampax to really try and increase the overall feel of their brand and aim to do something to make themselves more sustainable. This will really help cement them as market leaders and hopefully draw in more customers, whilst ensuring existing customers stick with them. Doing my survey really helped me further justify the reasons for the rebranding. This guided my focus of the rebranding toward ensuring inclusivity amongst different genders, as it is not only women who have periods.

Final year project

Tampax Rebrand

Work Experience

Engage Digital Partners, Graphic Design Intern:

In January 2020, I completed a 2-week internship with Engage Digital Partners, during which I created content for World Rugby, World Horse Racing and A-League football, giving me a strong insight into the real world of working as a graphic designer. Whilst working with A-League football, I designed Instagram quiz templates and updated half-time and full-time templates. The work I undertook for World Rugby involved retouching images, creating memes and developing templates for news updates. I learnt how to create the most engaging content possible to ensure fans were staying entertained.

My Lifestyle Media, Marketing and Communications Officer, Loughborough Sport:

I was the Media, Marketing and Communications Officer for My Lifestyle Sport programme within the wider Loughborough Sports offer. This programme aims to encourage all students and staff to take part in a sport that is free and inclusive for all. My role within this programme was to produce innovative marketing content to promote the My Lifestyle offer and post daily on all social media accounts. Alongside this, I worked with the other committee members to plan and deliver marketing campaigns that engage new audiences. This gave me vital experience that could be transferred directly into a junior graphic designer role.