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'Joan' Statement Print and 'Aevum' Co-ordinate Print

Developed within Sofiana signature graphical style featuring hints of pointillism, the 'Joan' skirt boasts a large-scale composition developed using historical colours using neutral red and navy tones. The contrasting texture between the layers within this design accompanied by the layers solid colour creates a bold statement piece that has been developed into a draped skirt. In order to achieve the wide range of textures within the screen-printed design, Sofiana individually comprised all of the screen-printed designs by hand in order to achieve the desired texture.

'Regina' Statement Print Accompanied by 'Aevum' Co-ordinate Print

The 'Aevum' co-ordinate print is inspired by Medieval Latin scripture depicting tales of Joan of Arc in her religious endeavours during her lifetime. Furthermore, parts of this text can be found within other prints in order to bring a unifying cohesive element within the collection. This can be seen within the 'Regina' Statement print accompanying the co-ordinate. This design was printed using Vat stock paste onto hand-dyed blue velvet to create an interesting surface quality to coincide with the collection’s silks and wool materials.

'Seraphim' Colourway Two

'Seraphim' Colourway two has been developed using a diverse range of colour inspired by medieval banners. Printed onto hand-dyed Wool Delaine, the featured contrasting colours of bright yellow and red is paired with dark navy tones making the pieces a versatile addition to the collection.

Antique Renewal - Semester One Collection

During Semester One Sofiana developed an interiors collection called 'Antique renewal' which was inspired by her family home which pays homage to the display of fine art and antiques. The foundations of this project were inspired by painting from the 16th-18th century with the colour palette drawing inspiration from Old Masters. Showcased within this image are two digital prints displaying two designs, one textural and one full content. 'Swallows amongst the Chrysanthemums' depicts a pointillism illustrated design featuring intricately detailed swallows in a half drop repeat placed on a watercolour washed blue background. This is accompanied by the texture-based design 'Texture II' which encapsulates branch textures on a large scale within a dark tonal purple-toned palette. Both of these designs are draped over an antique chair to represent the collections aim to be situated within a home filled with art and antiques.

Antique Renewal Visualisation - Semester One Collection

Featuring one of the collections statement wallpapers, ‘Helianthus', this hand-drawn digital visualisation depicts elements of the collection within a Country home environment alongside a collection of antiques and fine art. Inspired by wildflowers and hand-drawn from life, the design boasts a large scale to create a statement impact within a stately room creating a feature wall space. The design is comprised within a pointillism style which has then been placed over a watercolour washed ground before being digitally printed onto a Satin Wallpaper.

Sofiana Ison-Dawson

Sofiana Ison-Dawson is a creatively passionate-driven print designer whose intricate individual style specialising in graphic pointillism takes inspiration from historical references which is then applied to unique applications. This in particular is demonstrated in her final major collection ‘Regalia’ in which She has produced a series of detailed prints articulated through an experimental drawing approach and visualised within a female designated motorcycle line-up.

'Regalia' is a collection inspired by female empowerment which takes reference from famous female women from the medieval era including the likes of Joan of Arc. Throughout all of Sofiana's creative processes, she has always taken historical references to inspire and develop her art in order to tell a story that is personal as well as expressive to others. Since a young age, Sofiana has always taken a strong interest within motorsport specifically within the motorcycle community, a passion shared with many of her family members and has endeavoured to build stronger connections with other women who have an interest within this niche area also.

One of the main ideas for the project is the connection between the medieval theme and the motorcycle clothing application taking form from the signifying moment Joan of Arc wore armour which defied societal normality of the era. As women are still a minority in motorsport, this is heavily reflected in the clothing options available. The overall aim of the collection is to solidify a female presence within a motorsport designated project depicted through a narrative built up on medieval symbolism, colour and personal reference. With female protagonists as the main feature, the collection will aspire to create a diverse mix of functional garments designed to fulfil a purpose of safety merged with a range of full content designs both hand-drawn and screen-printed. Conclusively the collection takes an experimental approach with designs being applied to a range of surfaces including leather, motorcycle helmets and oil tanks to solidify the overall concept.

Sofiana aims to continue creating individual graphic designs designated for alternative applications specifically within womenswear aimed throughout motorsport applications and experimental surfaces similar to that showcased within her final major project.

Final year project



'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'20 Runner Up in the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Postcard Competition
'19 Designs sold Internationally for H&M
'17 Distinction in Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies

Work Experience

During Sofiana's Placement year, she was able to gain a position within H&M's head office based in Stockholm as a Print Design Assistant Intern within the Girls licensing department enabling her to gain first-hand experience within a high-street fashion brand witnessing first-hand processes and developments. This opportunity also allowed for her to experience working abroad within a diverse company as well as articulating herself within individual and teamwork-based projects.

Mother of Pearl - Design Development and Operations Intern
Oct 2019 - Dec 2019

Sustainable High-fashion brand Mother of Pearl has been based in East London since its founding in 2002. As a Design development and Operations Intern, Sofiana was able to work on the brand's internal sustainable collections, including the 'No Frills' line, whilst also having the opportunity to work on projects such as the 2021 John Lewis Collaboration drawing the final visualisations for collection. This role also allowed for Sofiana to gain experience as an assistant to the operations manager taking on duties such as organising and overseeing the running's of photoshoots, note-taking within meetings as well as organising and compiling press packages for clients.

Tom Ford - Studio and Showroom Intern
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

Sofiana's final placement was with High-fashion brand Tom Ford based in the brands London Head Office as a Studio and Showroom Intern during London fashion Week 2020. During her time with the brand, Sofiana was able to work with a diverse team complied of sellers, stylists and creative co-ordinators aiming to bring the womenswear spring/summer 2020 collection to London’s showroom. The main priorities within the role included dressing models whilst meticulously refining the looks before allowing them out onto the runway. Furthermore, more other duties included preparing and organising the showroom before greeting clients as well as assisting the sellers during meetings. Overall, this opportunity allowed Sofiana to gain experience within a high-fashion environment, accomplishing aims within set deadlines and utilising organisational and time-keeping skills.