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Pattük - vest stimulating deep touch pressure

Research has proven that physical touch is a soothing and calming mechanism for many people. Due to social distancing, we have lost the power to give the simplest form of physical touch, a hug. Pattük is a vest designed to simulate deep touch pressure, so users can feel the soothing effects of a hug even when in solitude. The vest uses conductive yarn and shapes memory alloys to create the illusion that the user is being hugged in order to improve the user's wellbeing and allow them to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Taste - in-depth exploration of injection moulding

During this group project, we developed and manufactured a mould tool design to be able to injection mould a highly promotional polymer give-away ‘widget’. Through this project, I gained practice to use CNC simulations of milling machines, as well as a manually operated milling machine and lathe. We also improved problem-solving skills related to mould design, in order to allow the easy ejection of the product from the mould. This picture includes the highlights of the production project and the end result mould and product.

Hayeli - A mirror that helps identify & overcome skin irritation issues

Following a skin problem that I was suffering from at the time and thorough research regarding the needs of people my age, I decided to design and make the model of a mirror which helps identify skin irritation issues and finds solutions using internet resources. The mirror would incorporate a camera, which would capture pictures of the user's reflection, send it to the mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing the user to identify medical solutions and track their healing process. The image presents the scenario the user would go through while using the product.

St Basil Cathedral - Architectural modelling

As part of the Design & Technology A-level course, I had to either design a product or an architectural construction, and then manufacture it, or choose an existing building and make an identical model. Being very passionate about Design & Technology in school, always trying to challenge myself in the workshop, I decided it would be more exciting and difficult to make the model of something not designed by me. Therefore, I decided to create the model of the St. Basil Cathedral found in Moscow, Russia. The picture shows some of the processes I went through and the final model.

Simoneanna Arajian

I am passionate about developing products which solve real every-day problems faced by users, as well as shaping the minds of future designers.

I have always been inspired to design problem-solving products, ever since my first Design & Technology project in Secondary school. That passion was what urged me to travel to the UK and study Product Design & Technology, in order to develop my skills. After this 4-year journey, I find myself to have grown into a well-rounded designer, with a true understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, the need to listen to the users' needs and get into their shoes, as well as having a keen appreciation towards designing aesthetics to match target markets, trends and environments.

However, through this course, I have also been pushed to remember why I wanted to be a designer, and that was the education I had in the field. Therefore, I chose to follow my passion for design, and teach the subject while I was on placement. There, I realised the need for people who understand design principles and techniques, to become part of the people who shape the minds of the future generations of designers.

In the future, I aspire to remain in the design industry while I teach, so as to provide the best quality of education to my future students and inspire more to join this creative world of problem-solving and innovation.

Final year project

Pastër – Face Mask & Essential Items Disinfecting Devices


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'15 Pearson Edexcel Highest Achievement Award for Highest Grade in EU, Design & Technology GCSE

Work Experience

During my year in the industry, I decided to follow my passion in teaching, rather than enter a design consultancy. However, working at Sevenoaks School didn't keep me away from the world of design, instead, it gave me an even greater push to improve my skills in order to teach the future generation of designers everything they need to know to become problem-solvers. That included everything from the design of electrical systems, to design for manufacturing and assembly, as well as empathic design. I have become a more patient, empathetic, confident individual, with great communication and group-working skills, which have proved very important in my final year in university as well.

While on placement, I was intrigued by the decreased number of students choosing Design and Technology for GCSE during the past few years. In my dissertation "Why schools must increase Design & Technology's study", my research led to the discovery of several concerning reasons for this drop in numbers. I truly believe that more people with a good understanding of what it takes to design useful products, like myself, need to be involved in the education of Design & Technology in schools, as we need to ensure society can rely on the future generation of designers to create problem-solving products and systems.

While in my final year at university, I was selected to be the Media and Communications Officer of the International Students' Network in university. Through this role, I have become a great multi-tasker and I can balance university work while meeting all the deadlines of the role. I have also developed my Graphic Design skills as I had to create many posters, advertisements and other media content with different themes inspired by the international profile of the network. This was a role I really enjoyed as it allowed me, as an international student, to raise awareness for various issues as well as celebrate different cultures through the content I created.