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Heating & Cooling Core

The heating core is used to drastically improve the mechanical aim and control of the mouse due to an increased blood circulation that allows for more fluid movements. The increased sensitivity helps users to react faster to gameplay. Improved blood circulation also prevents the development of Gamer's Thumb and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome as activating heat to help warm the user up before playing reduces the amount of friction between tendons and muscles - which is the common cause of such injuries. The cooling fan ensures users have a proper cooldown when nearing the end of a gaming session, and also manages the temperature of the heating core so that it is at a consistent temperature. The cooldown aspect of the fan helps balance the benefits of the heat and reduces the chance of chronic inflammation.

Haptic Wrist Correction

Haptic Control for the wrist is to prevent the occurrence of Ulnar and Radial Deviations (which is the improper flexing and extension of the wrist in the left and right direction) that can lead to Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. The haptics trigger when detecting an improper flex of the wrist (if the mouse gets extended too far left or right, the haptics would trigger). and helps to indicate to the user through a feeling in the mouse to realign their wrist to keep it straight. Being able to keep the wrist straight and encourage movements using the forearm than the wrist drastically reduces the chances of injury, though can also benefit the performance of the user through better aiming habits. The haptic data can be sent back to an app that breaks down the movement of the user and can help them analyse to improve.


Buddi’s are a communicative product that helps people’s relationships feel closer when far apart.
They are customisable to look like those close to you, providing a feeling of comfort when you are unable to be around those you enjoy most. Its interactive library helps people to engage in like-minded activities, avoiding the need to always be stuck to just a phone call. Buddi’s love indicator helps you reach out to those who may be feeling lonely or having a lack of interaction with others, allowing you to always have an eye out for those who may be struggling.
Overall, Buddi’s help to encourage better relationships affected by distance - physically and emotionally.


An eCommerce website that helps to pitch the concept surrounding Responsive Furniture. Launched under the brand JOYRIDE - the websites main aim is to create a gateway to sell products and communicate what is responsive furniture, in order to generate sales and deals. This project was done during my placement year at Spliced Studios, in which our whole team collaborated on producing the content, communications and build of our first website launch. Built using Elementor and WordPress with WooCommerce, I was responsible for the development of website content and helping to plan user flows, directories and management of the website project. Upon the live launch of the website, we successfully achieved our first sales within 2 weeks after promotion.

Shayan Forouzan

User centric approach, using empathy and intensive research to explore problems and help to provide solutions that positively impacts user experience through means of physical and experience prototypes.

I have always enjoyed approaching my design work from a user perspective - being able to understand how other people interact with the things around them, their behaviours, attitudes and thought processes all help to build an understanding of the possible problems these users may come across in their daily lives - it is through this type of process, that I strongly feel I am able to design products and services that make a meaningful impact on user experiences.

My skills have evolved throughout my time at Loughborough, my main strengths being in Figma, Wireframing, Research, Adobe CC, Solidworks (CAD) and physical + experience prototyping. I want to use the design process I have developed as well as my skills to pursue a career in design where I can help to benefit the livelihoods and experiences of people's everyday lifestyles in a positive way.

Final year project

Smart Gaming Mouse for Performance Enhancement and Injury Mitigation


St Gregory's Catholic Science College - Excellence in Graphic Design, 2014
St Gregory's Catholic Science College - Excellence in Resistant Materials, 2016
Loughborough University - Diploma in Professional Studies, 2020

Work Experience

Junior UX Designer, Spliced Studios 2019-2020