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Screen Print on Cotton

Using pigment dye to layer colours whilst exploring negative space.

Initial Drawings

My Pigment Printed Design on Denim Trousers and Shorts

The photo features a close up of my prints on denim trousers and shorts.
The image captures bright colours, big smiles and a playful sentiment.

Statement Prints

A photograph featuring half of my collection.
Showing how the colours work together throughout the prints.

Visualisation Line up

Scarlett Markham

My practise is very playful and energetic, using bold and colourful marks to create my prints.

This project is curated by a combination of bright colour, exaggerated marks and an eye for detail. Inspired by my childhood days which were filled with happy memories of laughter, joy and a carefree lifestyle, enjoying all the world had to offer with little or no worries. When was it that this attitude and way of life changed? Is it the transition into adulthood, or simply the responsibilities of growing up, or even the challenging times we are all currently facing in this new world?

We often reminisce about wishing we were younger or going back to those carefree days.

In my project, I aim to encourage people to indulge in those memories whilst bringing this feeling of happiness and freedom back into their adult lives.

Final year project

Childhood Nostalgia

Work Experience

My time working for Isabel Manns was unlike any other workplace experience.
My role allowed me a great deal of responsibility and trust, such as coordinating with London based factories that dealt with the sampling and production. Communicating with the suppliers and factories in person has excelled my people skills and enhanced my confidence in my ability to communicate the companies needs and expectations.
I solely managed the S/S20 collection on the mannequin photoshoot. Ensuring efficiency and accuracy was important throughout. Communicating my ideas and visions whilst working alongside the photographer’s opinions and knowledge ensured the successful outcome of the shoot.
The experience of working alongside a new designer and within a start-up fashion company has enabled me to be involved with all aspects of a growing business and understanding the product cycle, finance and commitment required to create a successful business.

My role at Whistles was all-encompassing and gave me exposure to the end to end buying cycle.
My key responsibility was communicating with suppliers to ensure that I developed a positive and constructive relationship with them. This enabled me to certify the production of each garment followed the critical path and was delivered to us on time.
My role involved working alongside the Senior and Junior buyers, following up on all sign off packs, creating range and sample boards, raising POs and communicating with the design and technical team.
Additionally, I presented the week’s ‘Best and Worst’ clothing sales to the company.
Communication and cross-functional collaboration were imperative to the success of my role and the buying team.
The role was very fast-paced and consequently, my organisational skills, time management and ability to cope under pressure are strong.
I have developed an understanding of the buying cycle and how product decisions are made from monitoring and amending the critical path, learning how to range a collection and developing my knowledge of the consumer base being targeted.