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To assist users with functional limitations in their hands in opening a fridge door, an inclusive aid, shown above, has been designed to reduce shoulder flexion, force exertion and maintain a neutral posture.

MA Fitness

MA Fitness is a two-in-one home fitness product for pregnant and postnatal women. Functioning as both a weighted plate and fitness band it can blend into the home environment due to its sleek design inspired by Muji. There are 2 key features; a rep counter and an adjustable resistance band. The buttons increase and reduce the resistance of the band through a rotational mechanism embedded into the weights. The features are operated via batteries, situated on the back of the product. There is a linked app that can track progress, educate women on the different exercises and allow women to motivate each other through the group chat. The aim of MA Fitness is to train women back into fitness slowly and safely.

Sara Singh

I am a User-Centred Design student from Loughborough University with a passion for designing and developing products and services with the User as my main focus.

Throughout my time at Loughborough University, I have developed a wide range of skills in the field of User-Centred Design. Even before coming to university, all my design work had a clear focus on users needs and wants and I am always striving to improve users experiences through design. This is something I find to be a strength of mine, especially since Design should be centred around users. I am able to carry out a proper user-centred process when coming to either product design or user experience design. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Loughborough University, I am excited to start my career journey in the field of User-Centred Design.

Final year project

Improving the Quality of Sleep in 18-25 Year-Olds by Targeting Multiple Senses.


In 2017, I was a Top 10 Finalist in the Triumph Design Competition for my A-Level project; Flat-Packable Shelter for Homeless People. Being one of the Finalists of this prestigious competition gave me the experience and practice of discussing my projects with specialists from the industry. I was interviewed by a couple of the main people who work at Triumph and was expected to convey to them the thought process behind my product. After the competition finished a few of the judges came up to me and said that they hope to see my product on the streets in a few years helping Homeless People, and this is something I am very passionate about and hope to develop further and commercialise it one day.

Work Experience

One-year long placement at FIRA International, a furniture research company based in Stevenage. I worked in their Ergonomics department, assisting a world-renowned Ergonomist, Levent Caglar. Through this Ergonomics placement I was able to work with a range of design companies; testing their products against British Standards and providing them with advice on how to make their designs more ergonomic. Having to be quite hands-on and really interact with clients was something I had never done before and through this opportunity, I feel as though my interpersonal skills have really developed.

Through Loughborough University, I had the opportunity to take part in a 4 day UXathon. In a team, we worked for 4 days to digitalise the exchanges between Insurance Companies and clients for the company NextInsurtech. The company was a Hong Kong company, so it was vital to maintain proper and constant communication throughout the 4 days, which was challenging, but being organised and working together as a team it led to great results.