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Sara Osman, Syria, 2017, Oil & Polyfilla on Board, [A-level Painting],120 x 90 cm.

The Oil painting Syria depicts typical characteristics of bombed Syrian architecture – geometric bony structure, deep black holes, and masses of rubble – which has greatly influenced the orderly, rectangular but damaged architecture in Far from Home. Like the fragmented city in Syria, Far from Home depicts irregular parts that fluctuate in height and the level of destruction to increases the sense of displacement - particularly hinting at the discomfort and lack of belonging. Osman has used physical separation between the parts to signify closeness and overwhelm which further comments on the intrusive nature of Turkish culture.

Sara Osman, Healthy Adult: I Trust Myself, 2020. Latex and Sand [Installation Close-up], 752 x 83 cm.

Details of Healthy Adult: I Trust Myself.

Sara Osman, Healthy Adult: I Am Safe, 2021. Latex and Sand [Mixed Media Poster Close-up], 120 x 83 cm.

Details of Healthy Adult: I Am Safe.

Building Boundaries, 2020, Latex, Plaster and Sand hanging from Steel Wire, [Installation],1460 x 1480 mm. 

The delicate screen prints and type-written poetry depicts sincere gratitude for Osman’s supportive family which contradicts the feeling of nostalgia. The positive text involves free-thinking but the tiles produced via bodily movement appear poignant and corroded. This suggests that the mind and body are not aligned and that further healing is needed.

The fourth dimension – time – is significant in Osman’s work to view ongoing change not only in self but also in the properties of the material. For instance, as the Latex dries out the intimate, type-written poems slowly reveal themselves and over a long period of time they will start to decay. Constant change is significant in Osman’s work to capture the authenticity of evolution and celebrates the life and joy of the here and now.

Building Boundaries, 2020, Latex, Plaster and Sand hanging from Steel Wire [Installation Close-ups], 1460 x 1480 mm. 

Details of Building Boundaries: the printed composition, the print embedded into Latex, the Latex embedded into Plaster and finally an image showcasing the development of the composition.

Sara Osman

The key themes of my practice are grief, self-development, and examination. I use psychoanalysis techniques such as affirmations and conversations with my healthy adult to ground and support the anxious mind and to further understand my psyche. Touch is significant within the making to further connect the mind and body. For instance, using Plaster allows me to feel and view the continuous transformation from powdery slush to a smooth liquid and finally to a solid. This process allows me to become aware of my senses and bodily moment which grounds me in the present.

I am driven and dedicated to my art practice which has allowed me to develop skills in a variety of processes and mediums such as; Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Plaster, Print, Photography and Paint. Being ambitious and spontaneous has led to discoveries regarding the properties of materials, large-scale installations and the use of unconventional materials, such as the combination of Latex, Sand and Plaster.

After university, I am hoping to develop my art practice during an Artist in Residency/Art Fellow programme or work alongside other artists to produce Interactive installations that encourage participation and spark joy and excitement from the viewer - the interaction between the artwork and the viewer interests me, especially, if the work generates a mental/physical reaction from the viewer. I am also planning to continue exhibiting and selling artwork remotely.

Final year project

Final Project: Time Spent Indoors


I have exhibited in over ten galleries across the UK including The Manufacturing Technological centre in Coventry, The Bank of Cyprus in London for three consecutive years, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester for two consecutive years and I am currently curating two solo shows in Loughborough. More recently – due to the COVID-19 pandemic – I have been featured in several virtual exhibitions and magazines including Wave Press magazine that successfully marked International Woman’s Day 2021, The Holy Art’s virtual exhibition PHENOMENON that showcased the work of the brightest emerging and established artists on the international scene and The Spring Exhibition hosted by Shim Art Network and exhibited on TDSA’s, Vane Gallery’s and Artsy’s social media platforms and websites.

While studying Industrial Design in my first year at Loughborough University I was shortlisted for the international Student Starpack Award for packaging design which challenged my creativity and understanding of retail packaging and developed my CAD and model making skills. I also completed a weeklong Solidworks Essentials course with Innova Systems – experts in Solidworks training and support – in Cambridge. This course was to further my understanding and skills of the CAD/CAM programme to increase the quality and complexity of my designs.

Work Experience

In 2019 I worked as a Ceramic Specialist and Camp Counsellor at Camp Starlight, USA. I created exciting projects for the campers and ensured that they ranged in skill to cater for the different age groups and abilities which engaged and challenged the campers. I was responsible for creating lesson plans, presenting pre-made glazed models, and teaching using clear instructions, as well as, tutorials, 1-1 assistance and using diagrams/worksheets. I was also responsible for regularly loading and unloading the kiln and running the Ceramic workshop via stocktaking, ordering stock and organising/cleaning. As well as teaching l shared an accommodation with nine campers which meant that I was on duty 24/7. I was always aware of my camper’s mental health and wellbeing and ensured that they could trust and confide in me but also respected and listened to me when needed. I encourage the campers to participate in different activities to increase their confidence and growth and I dealt with any disputes between the campers to ensure that all campers had a fulfilling summer.

In 2018 I worked as a waitress amongst other colleagues to serve customers and provide a smooth service at the trendy coffee shop Hopper & Bean, London. I was well received by the customers and staff alike due to my helpful, and professional nature. My ability to communicate clearly allowed me to swiftly answer any queries or complaints and my positive attitude and friendliness increased the morale of the workplace. I was often trusted with extra responsibilities, including working on the tills which increased my confidence and efficiency in the workplace.

In June 2017 I worked as a shop assistant at the contemporary homeware store Brit Maison, London. I was responsible for managing the store in the absence of my line manager, as well as, working on the till, stock taking, answering the phone, and using Excel to record inventory and invoicing. Due to my creativity, efficiency, and precision, I was also in charge of personal gift wrapping and photographing the interior décor and displays around the shop and uploading them onto social media to increase publicity.