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The product interface is simple and easy to use with only two buttons to step through the processes required. The two modes for the device to complete are footprint and height. Any step that needs to be taken is displayed on the LCD and confirmed by the user.

Straight view of product

With further development and research, the links between the hardware and software could be enhanced to create a smooth user experience.

Samantha Nelson

I am a Product design Bsc student at Loughborough university, the way I approach design is logical and highly testing based.

My product is an architectural survey device that will automate the surveying process to help cut down the time it takes and make it more accurate. I realised there was a market for this whilst in my placement year at an architectural firm and used my research to design the best product to complete the task. By using testing of the electronics and interaction points it has developed to become more user friendly and give a simple and intuitive experience.

Final year project

Final Year Design Practice Architectural Survey Device

Work Experience

My year in industry was at Kent Design Studio an architectural firm that creates plans such as extensions up to large building estates. Whilst I was there I learnt new software such as AutoCAD. Working in KDS also gave me a chance to work under time pressures as I would usually be given two to three projects to work on at once, with a two week turnaround time. Working there also meant working in a team and learning different skills and technical info from each team member. I enjoyed my time at KDS and have been offered a place once I graduate.