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This photograph is of a spider taken at a microscopic level.


This photograph depicts a butterfly wing at a microscopic level.


Using acrylic paint and clingfilm on acetate I have mirrored the form and structure of insect anatomy using manmade materials.

Plastic Wrap

Photogram of manmade materials using an enlarger. This image consists of abstracted sections of bubble wrap.


Abstracted section of a fly. This photograph was taken with a microscope in the STEM Lab.

Samantha Gibbs

My project is inspired by Anthropocene - a period of time used to describe the impact that humans have had on Earth’s climate and ecosystems. I have explored the interconnected relationship between human and non-human by analysing their form and structure in forensic detail, demonstrating how they are permanently intertwined even to a molecular level.

I have explored Insect and Arachnid anatomy alongside manmade materials, comparing how abstracting these subjects reveals similarities in their form and structure. The use of photographic techniques eliminated the apparent element of touch; leaving viewers to rely on only their sight. Vision is the most deceptive sense, and this enabled the images to take on new forms and structures in instances where the viewer must develop their own perception of the subject.

Final year project

Attraction, Curiosity and Perception