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Exterior Visualisation: Outside Workshop Across to Large Resource Spaces

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Section Through Workshops and Teaching Spaces

Interior Visualisation: Perspective into the Testing Space

Sam Butler

I am conscientious individual with an awareness and drive to creatively respond to the social issues in today's society.

My work is concept driven, with a strong narrative deriving from an understanding of the brief and a detailed interpretation of the projects context. The Ingenio-city provides a redefinition of the civic centre, regarding both it's programmatic and architectural response within the city of Delhi. The architecture seeks to apply the innate innovative nature of the informal population, as conveyed through their acts of jugaad and provide a space which educates, upskills and empowers these individuals.

Conceptually, the architecture attempts to embody the ideas of mutuality. This concept arisen through analysis of the formal and informal relationships that were revealed to me through my explorations of the city and the wish for greater understanding between the informal workforce and the municipal authority in the city.

The architecture expresses this concept through an understanding of the three journeys identified in my exploration, the journey of the informal worker, the visitor and of the waste. Each of the journeys move through across the building in different ways, yet connect at different moments, exposing different elements of the process providing the visitor with an understanding.

Both in this project and those previous, the intrinsic links between society and the built environment have inspired me and shall continue to do so as I continue my journey into the world of practice.

Final year project


Work Experience

For my year in industry, I worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at A2 Architects based in Liverpool. During my time at the company, I worked on a variety of different projects, but was particularly engaged in the design development of a 80 unit housing scheme in the Broughton Moor. Having never worked on a project of such a scale, the experience was enlightening and incredibly rewarding. Working alongside the lead architect and external engineers, my communication skills improved across the numerous jobs I completed across the length of the project. Particular jobs included the design and development of the 6 housing types proposed in the scheme and the preparation of the various required documents for the initial planning application.