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Exploring Structures

This is a large complicated three-dimensional project that I completed to help me understand structures, angles and motion. It has elastic bands and cogs inside and when the horse is wound up it can walk and move forward on its own. This puzzle really helped me to look at the horse's form and to investigate how I could successfully balance and combine many parts to make a singular outcome.


This digital drawing was inspired by Ptolemy Elrington's work, it helped me to explore my ideas and how I might style and create sculptures from scrap metal pieces and car parts. Its wheel inside the stomach was a great inspiration to one of my sculptures and played a large role in the idea of my final major outcome that I am creating.


This digital drawing was inspired by Ptolemy Elrington's work, it helped me to explore my ideas and how I might style and create sculptures from scrap metal pieces and car parts (hubcaps).

Reduce Reuse Recycle

This is a card I created that goes into the bottom of the plastic trays of a dental technicians work that they ship out. It is to encourage the dentists to send back their plastic trays so that they can be cleaned and reused for other orders rather than throwing the trays away. This design using a more childish turtle drawing appeals to looking after the world for our children and future generations. So far 100 trays a day are being saved and reused compared to before I created this, this was a real solution that I created for the issues highlighted in my final major project.

Old to New

This is an outcome I created by melting down recycled metal to create a new coin with the proud face of a lion. It was very difficult to make and required me to learn a lot about machinery and the technical skills involved in making something like this. The purpose was to create something new from old materials rather than letting them destroy our planet sitting in landfills.

Sabrina Campbell

My name is Sabrina Campbell and I have chosen visual communication as my specialism. I am interested in working in a variety of mediums both digitally and creating three dimensional sculptural pieces, visual communication is not just about logos and slogans, its about communicating ideas and engaging an audience in an informative and quick way to impact them. Concepts that inspire me are ones that can inspire change and supply solutions to real life problems, particularly surrounding the environment and caring for the planet.

My work for my final major project is inspired by the detrimental effects of plastics and mass production on our environments and animal habitats. I have created animal sculptures formed from thrown away metal parts that have much more potential to be used than to be sitting rotting and harming wildlife. This project is about nature's decay and the disrupted cycle of life. My strengths in this project were my three-dimensional sculptures of horses from recycled materials and also learning to draw digitally on a tablet, these are both things I had never attempted before my foundation year, previously only being interested in traditional two-dimensional mediums of pencil sketches and oil painting.

I hope that my work can make a real difference and impact some people to see the damaging effects on the world's wildlife through careless plastic use and how our 'one use and throw-away' culture is destroying our planet. By literally showing the form of our animals made from unnatural materials.

In future, I wish to dedicate my creative skills to working on important problems and subject matters as a graphic designer rather than meaningless campaigns for profit-driven companies with no care for the consequences of mass production and pollution.

Final year project

Recycle of Life


Art and Design Scholarship for two years at my private sixth form at Ashford School.
This was due to my passion and commitment to my subject and was given to me by Mrs Rayner who was the head of the Creative Department.

Work Experience

Graphic Design work experience in Eastbourne; learning how clients and professional graphic designers work together to make an idea into a real visual outcome. Relaying information and advertising a purpose, using both modern software like photoshop and old thumbnail sketched to jot down ideas. For example, a company wanted to express their interest in helping employees take care of their mental health but in a non-intrusive way, and it was this company's job to come up with poster ideas and leaflets to communicate this. I helped by giving a fresh perspective into social media and what engages younger people to communicate using simple apps and reward systems for online shopping to check in with their daily struggles rather than having no incentive to tell their bosses in a formal meeting that they are struggling.
This gave me the first-hand experience to see how graphic design allows the potential to create real positive change and help people and our communities.