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Surplus+ X Zero Waste Scotland: #NOFRUITLEFTBEHIND Campaign

The #NOFRUITLEFTBEHIND Campaign aims to raise awareness on the scale and impact of fruit waste in the present day. Its purpose is to insight a different perspective on ‘ugly’ and old fruit, incentivising the audience to purchase for their benefit. Because why waste it?

Surplus+ X Zero Waste Scotland: #NOFRUITLEFTBEHIND Campaign

Engaging the target audience through relevant platforms like instagram ads and profiles on social media to gain a following.

Surplus+ X Zero Waste Scotland: #NOFRUITLEFTBEHIND Campaign

Surplus+ Certified
Sections within supermarkets that sell 'ugly' and 'oldish' fruits aimed at consumers encouraging them to purchase these fruits to make other recipes and remedies - the audience's responsibility to do their bit. Consumers will be able to scan the QR code on the Surplus+ Certified app in order to collect points and rewards per fruit scanned.

Surplus+ X Zero Waste Scotland: #NOFRUITLEFTBEHIND Campaign

Scanning the fruit will give users a chance to collect points in order to cash in for rewards, discounts and prizes. This will open the audience's eyes to other uses for these 'ugly fruits' even if they get a bit old and mushy.

Russel Kerr

A strong interest in the integration of branding and illustration to express my visual thinking.

Fascinated by the potential of art direction and how concepts can be communicated through a variety of mediums. Eager to express ideas through visual language and aspire to expand my horizons by channelling my energy into different disciplines. I thrive in environments that look at all perspectives of a subject and iterate to form a clear goal to work towards. My work highlights the significance of designing with purpose, creating content that isn't always seen as the typical solution but understanding a brief to produce outcomes of value and impact. I am aspiring to pursue a career in branding and illustration that impacts people in ways words alone cannot, producing content which not only communicates visual language but to visually problem solve to improve everyday life.

Final year project



Art piece displayed at ‘Chorley 100’ 2018 exhibition, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War 1. A large-scale painting which illustrated the emotions depicted during the war.

Work Experience

Aitor Throup Limited - 1 month internship
During my one month working under Artist and Creative Director Aitor Throup, I was introduced to the commercial perspective of launching a brand. Experiencing a hands-on involvement curating and overseeing content for the studio's social media account, where I understood the importance of time management and organisation skills to promptly meet deadlines. At A.T. Studio, I was able to pursue my concepts and opinions to aid in website building. This exposed me to new methods of designing for specific audiences looking at outcomes from the user's point of view. This internship sharpened skills across a variety of software and highlighted many aspects of the design industry.