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Technology Validation

Proving peristaltic flow technology could be applied to portable devices was key in getting this product to work. Many iterations of mechanical and electrical prototypes were developed in order to create a small and reliable pump that could deliver fluid at a constant rate. This is essential for safe drug delivery. OH2 is capable of infusing up to 50ml of fluid over a period of 24 hours at variable flow rates.

Integrating the Idea

A focus on pump size optimisation led to radical changes in overall form. The reduction in size and streamlined exterior has made the device a lot more portable and discrete.

Ruairidh Keeley

I am a hard-working, detail-driven individual who has spent the year designing and developing a portable infusion pump for palliative medicine.

My work is built around delivering meaningful solutions that have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. OH2 is a project about improving the lives of terminally ill patients who are usually in their last few months of life by reimagining the syringe driver. This challenging and rewarding project has really pushed me to understand the holistic nature of design and apply this to complex medical care. I’ve had to rapidly develop skills in drug administration and patient and professional user experience. Following on from my placement and learning at Loughborough I now feel well-equipped and excited to move into the design industry.

Final year project

Portable Drug Infusion System


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

Spliced Studios:
Over my 13 month placement at Spliced Studios, I was part of the team bringing the world’s first integrated responsive furniture products to market. Spliced Studios gave me the experience of working within a small team facilitating the rapid acquisition of design skill sets. The placement gave me a more rounded understanding of the whole design process from concept through testing and manufacture to the delivery of a marketable and successful product.