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The "80%" problem

The three common contributors as to why 80% of new beekeepers give up within the first year which was identified in research:
Not knowing when, or what to look for during an inspection, physical challenges, such as heavy lifting, and inevitable disappointment after the colony's failure leads to an eventual swarm.

Thrive - Exploded view of components

Colony observation

Electrochromic glass technology allows the hive to be inspected with minimal intrusion. When switched on the glass is clear. When off the glass is opaque, blocking sunlight to protect the hive from overheating.

Rosie Roberts

Empathy and an awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses guide my approach to design. I design the products I would like to use: accessible, visually appealing and playful with purpose.

I am a versatile and hard-working designer with skills in a range of industry-standard software including Adobe creative Sweet, 3D modelling software (such as SolidWorks, Keyshot and Fusion), Microsoft office, Miro and more.

My strengths in design are the things I enjoy most.

I enjoy talking and listening to people, understanding the struggles they face, what brings them pleasure and what makes their lives easier.

I like to create, draw, build and share ideas and objects with others. I enjoy testing ideas, seeing my designs in use by others and learning from their experiences.

As a dyslexic, I don't get much pleasure from reading and I don't expect others to work hard to learn about my ideas. I combine my illustration and communication skills to tell product stories in a way that will attract and engage others.

Final year project

Accessible Beehive for Novice Beekeepers


Nominated for the RSA design awards. An adaptive, virtual courtroom, tailoring to individuals.
Short-listed for the Starpack awards.

Work Experience

Design and Create Solutions Ltd - taken on as an intern I was entrusted with a variety of projects designing interiors for bars, restaurants and exhibition stands as well as graphic design of signage and adverts. I was soon given responsibility for entire projects from client consultations to design proposals and presentations, working on and supervising the production, always mindful of finding cost-effective as well as visually appealing solutions.

My work placement gave me the opportunity to discover and develop my strengths as a communicator, liaising with clients, management and experienced technicians. Part of my placement was spent working from home, where I learned not just the new software required to collaborate and share design ideas online, but also how to communicate efficiently and effectively, gathering all the information required for tasks, and how to remain focused and motivated whilst working alone. Whether in the office or working remotely, I enjoyed being part of a team and found leading a project through from concept to seeing the products and installations in use, immensely rewarding.