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Interface - an exploded view

The device contains microphones and speakers which project the wearer’s voice out of the front of the device, just as if they weren’t wearing a respirator.

Final year live project - Otto

Otto is a system of devices that help children aged 5 and above to brush their teeth independently. The system comprises a toothbrush and charger, and a display unit. The toothbrush has an accelerometer and an infrared sensor. The display unit emits infrared signals from a fixed position, which enables the device to know the toothbrushes location in 3D space and its angle (think Wii remote). This in combination with receiving data from the accelerometer via Bluetooth, allows the device can know which areas of the mouth have been brushed and for how long.

Otto - scenario of use

There is an illustration of a mouth on the display unit, this turns gradually from white to green as the area of the mouth has been brushed for a sufficient period of time. Once the child has finished they will be rewarded - the whole illustrated face will turn green, music will play and the eyes will blink - turning what could be a chore into a daily game.

Robert Wingate

I believe that the best-designed products unite both function and beauty.

As a product designer, my strengths lie in uniting practical application and creative form development - with particular expertise in visual communication and using CAD to ensure feasible design intent.

Final year project

Improving communication between patients and users of medical PPE


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

I spent a year with Jaguar Land Rover, working as a Studio Engineer in the Jaguar Design Technical Department as part of the team developing new, future car designs. I was responsible for collaborating between engineering and design teams on assigned designs, designing prototypes of interior surfaces, administering design package information and benchmarking overall design proposals.