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Testing and Evaluation - FYDP

Through the process of designing, testing was done to iron out any issues with the product that was brought up by users. This led to a redesigning of the system so that the user doesn’t have to spend long periods of time feeding plastic into the product. Old paper shredders were disassembled to see which kind of shredder would work best with 3D print waste.

Prototyping - FYDP

Various prototyping was undertaken to learn more about the system that was being designed and to test various sections of the design. 3D printing, card, CAD and foam modelling were used to prototype the full design. However, COVID-19 was a limiting factor in being able to make a fully functioning and aesthetic prototype to show the metalwork and build of the product.

Electronics - FYDP

All the electronics of the product were mapped out and designed using Arduino coding to test and prototype that side of the product. The electronics were tested with the physical 3D printed prototypes to ensure an evaluation could be reached and therefore their design improved as a result. (Left to Right – Safety magnetic switches working to stop the shredder from running dangerously, a screen to show the temperature of the 3 heaters along the extruder, the temperature checker and an example heater pad, the diameter checker that shows when the filament is/isn’t the correct size and a 3D printed fan with a motor.)

Sketches - FYDP

Within developing this product sketches were mainly completed digitally due to this year being online digital submissions, although non-digital sketches were completed and then made digital. Left to Right is the process and development of the design using CAD at the same time, which started with looking at the current market and style to pick out shapes and textures that would then inspire the product.


Throughout the process, CAD was continuously developed and played a key role in the design process. Due to the product need being very functional, the CAD was functional and therefore the design was based on the functionality. Every part has multiple functions and is needed for the full and safe operation of the equipment. You can see my full CAD here: https://youtu.be/-N5oK4tJwxE

Roanna Holmes

I am a designer who is a tenacious creative with a pragmatic approach. I enjoy the highs and lows of the design process and am motivated by working out the details of designs.

Through my work, at Jenx Ltd and at University I have been involved in designing practical and functional products. I am motivated through designing with CAD and prototyping to find a realistic solution to a need. I demonstrated at Jenx that I am a quick learner and enjoy learning through the process of designing to then manufacture. I am happiest working in a collaborative project but one which still allows an individual creative input, and mainly focusing on the details as well as the bigger picture. An ideal graduate role for me would be where I can strengthen my CAD skills and enhance my manufacturing knowledge.

Final year project

FDM 3D Print Waste Recycling Product


I achieved both a Diploma in Professional Studies and a Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems in 2020 and 2021 respectively both undertaken alongside my degree studies. I have exhibited design work previously at Harewood House Summer Design Exhibition 2017 and Impressions Gallery - Who Do We Think We Are 2015. Throughout my degree, I have been the Chair, Vice-Chair and Publicity Officer for LSU Scout and Guide Club ensuring its success throughout lockdown and into the future. Alongside this, I am a leader at a Guide and Ranger Unit.

Work Experience

Design Engineer Placement Student at Jenx Ltd - August 2019 to August 2020
I designed products for manufacture to meet children’s additional needs. Developing industry understanding into designing for manufacture using CAD and Finite Element Analysis. Expertise in 3D printing was developed through prototyping, testing and user feedback. Tooling knowledge was expanded in addition to an understanding of meeting deadlines for products for various special needs and individual circumstances.

Multimedia Designer at Housing System Ltd - July 2015 to Present (Part-Time)
I initiated, investigated, evaluated and produced online videos. I now illustrate e-learning training courses and design and critique elements of the website. I design and illustrate marketing materials including leaflets, posters and conference literature.

Design and Manufacturing Placement Student at Denso Marston - 2014
I gained commercial awareness by contributing to each part of the design and manufacture process including, examining customer needs, designing parts using Creo, modelling and testing, through to manufacture and marketing.