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Cliff face painting on shiny orange fabric with stones balanced on top

Cliff Face - 2020: Acrylic, Slate, and Pebbles on Lamé. 30 x 20 cm

Based upon the cliffs of Trefin beach.

Black and white textural painting which looks like ice melting with a small sculpture placed on top

Volcanic Dispersion - 2020: Mica, Wax, Slate, Oil Paint, Tarmac and Ink on Canvas. 40 x 30 cm

After a trip to Iceland in February 2020, this project arose. It solidified my interest in capturing the textures of different landscapes. This particular work is based on the melting ice which covered the volcanic black earth. Exhibited in the Young Welsh Artists' exhibition at Moma Machynlleth, Machynlleth.

Almost white painting of the Icelandic air with a small sculpture on top

Icelandic Air - 2020: Mica, Pencil, Oil Paint, Chiffon, prick, and PVA on Linen. 40 x 30 cm

Looking down from the plane I was taking to Reykjavík there were bands of whiteness and lightness which inspired this piece. The glinting mountains of snow and winding rivers informed my use of mica and pencil. The chiffon was introduced to mimic the hovering clouds that we were passing through. Exhibited in the Young Welsh Artists' exhibition at Moma Machynlleth, Machynlleth.

Two paintings, one is yellow with a shimmery centre and the other is copper with a rectangle scratched in

Morning - 2019: Oil on Linen and Acrylic on Copper. 50 x 40 cm

Painted during my exchange to Helsinki, this work is based on the early morning light shimmering on the buildings opposite my window.

Two paintings, one metal and one is a paint textural one

Architectural Skin - 2019: Metal, Acrylic, and Plaster on Canvas. 60 x 50 cm

This piece is based on the Helsinki architectural landscape.

Rhiannon Rees

I am an emerging Welsh artist who explores landscape though postmodern painting practices.

My practice in its simplest form is an exploration of painting to create a sense of place. Concentrating on small snippets of a specific landscape, I create a discussion between Natural/Synthetic, Fact/Fiction and Found/Formed. Using non-traditional fabrics, sculptural forms and handmade paints from found materials, I play with elements that stay with me once I leave the landscape.

My current project, Ym Min y Môr / The Edge of the Sea, which is exhibited in my degree show is based around a small rugged Welsh beach, Trefin. It is a beach which holds many memories for me. Using these memories and artist day trips to the beach, I have created an exhibition that entwines the factual with the fictional. I have collected slate and quartz to turn them into pigments to paint with to bring the natural into the synthetic. The title of this show comes from the Melin Trefin poem written by William Williams (Crwys).

It is also an exhibition which explores the idea of painting and how it can be manipulated. Using painting materials I have created painting sculptures and wall paintings which play with the traditional stretcher painting. The placement of these paintings is also integral. I want my viewers to be guided around the room from floor to wall to almost ceiling as though they are in the landscape itself.

Final year project

Ym Min y Môr / The Edge of the Sea


2021 New Midlands Group Development Scheme

2020 Shortlisted for the Sir Ian Mckellan Award
Aberystwyth Arts Centre

2019/20 Accepted onto an International exchange to the Academy of Fine Arts, UniArts
Helsinki, Finland

Work Experience

Group Exhibitions

2020 Young Welsh Artists/ Artistiaid Ifainc Cymru
Moma Machynlleth, Machynlleth

2020 MADE FROM HOME (Online)
Cardiff Made, Cardiff

2020 In search of self (Online)
Found Space, India & Singapore

2020 Umbrella Cardiff launch event

2019 Square Meters (Seen in the photograph)
Tasku Gallery, Helsinki

2019 Uncertainty and the Unknown
City Arts Nottingham with the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham

2019 Landed Exhibition
Martin Hall Gallery, Loughborough

2019 Making a mark
MTC, Derby

2017 Degree and Foundation exhibition
Loughborough University, Loughborough


2020 Rhiannon Rees - 'The condensation project'
Outlast Journal


2018 Artist Assistant, Bruce Asbestos

2017 Gallery Assistant, Modern Painters New Decorators