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Vitasea Drink Activation Scheme Mockup (Brand Opus Sustainable Drink)

The machine visualised in the image is designed to create an activation for the proposed drink, it enables the users to actively participate in cleaning the environment which is the main aim of Vitasea. The users would insert used bottles into the machine to rewards environmentalism with a free drink! #CleanMeCleanSea

Vitasea Drink Advertisement (Brand Opus Sustainable Drink)

Out Of Home Advertisement and promotion on beach lifeguard huts.

Vitasea Drink Online Advertisement (Brand Opus Sustainable Drink)

Interaction Instagram advert to demonstrate the purpose of the brand.

Audible Audiobook Cover for the Fictional Story: There's a Noise in the Shed.

Out Of Home Advertisement on buses, enduring that both target audiences are reached.

Playstation Campaign: She Can Game!

Digital, social media collateral such as stickers and adverts that would be used to promote the campaign.

Renesa Nanda

I'm an inspired, creative and methodical graphic designer.

My inspiration for the design comes from the cultural systems around me, and society in general, I enjoy finding unique insights and creating design solutions to tackle problems. This is evident in my work that aims to create a productive solution for the overproduction of seaweed in the Caribbean. My solution- a bioplastic bottle made from the excess seaweed to package a seaweed drink! Other projects such as the Audible audiobook cover demonstrates my creative/methodical approach as I created an enticing design that would work for two types of audiences.

Final year project

Brand Opus Sustainable Design, DNAD Audible New Blood Brief and Playstation Campaign: She Can Game!

Work Experience

My first placement for a virtual reality start-up in London, Immerse Nation, taught me a great deal about working within the startup world. I learned how to keep up with the fast-paced nature of a start-up and developed my ability to produce high-quality work within a limited time. The small company meant taking on projects and using my attention to detail to complete them, ready for investors. This placement taught me a great deal and I saw first-hand the power that good graphics can have.

My second placement, at an advertising agency in Nairobi, taught me about the diversity of graphic design and how each culture interprets and reacts to it. My role here was varied and I managed to develop many skills in many different areas of graphic design, even learning print design in great detail. Fast turnaround times and team working are just a few of the skills that enabled to be to thrive in such an environment.