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Wireless Home Charging Unit and Companion App

Final year design project 1 Core uses wireless Qi induction coils to charge. Users place their hearing aid(s) into the carry case and onto the induction home charging unit. The home charging unit has the ability to charge both the carry case and the hearing aids via induction. The carry case can store three full charges for the hearing aids enabling users to charge on the go. A full charge takes five hours, giving 19 hours of battery life to the hearing aid(s). 1 Core comes with a companion app that enables users to check the charge levels and remaining charge time. It also has additional features such as a location tracker which can be activated if a hearing aid is lost.

Sketching for Bike Saddle Design

As part of my placement year, I was able to undertake research and design work relating to bicycle saddle design and associated health issues. The image shows ideation sketches focusing mainly on no nosed saddles with central grooves.

Developed CAD Models for Bike Saddle

As part of my placement year, I was able to undertake research and design work relating to bicycle saddle design and associated health issues. The image shows 3D CAD model screenshots and renders of developed no nose saddle, featuring a central groove and semi domed structure. With the aim of relieving pressure when in an aero position on the bike allowing for enhanced performance.

Bringing Fitness Into The Home - pom-L as Everyday Furniture

During the final year and in response to the brief of "create a product that can enhance fitness by blending into the home" set by an external company, Inspiration for aesthetic and form for pom-L was derived from leather gymnastic pommel horses. Along with the ethos of no need to compromise style in your living space for exercise the image shows the product in use as everyday furniture (table and chairs to seat four).

Bringing Fitness Into The Home - pom-L as Multifunctional Home Gym

The image shows pom-L having been converted from the dining set to allow for multifunctional strength training, enabling users to complete a full-body workout in the comfort of their own homes. The challenge was to develop a product to allow for effective workouts, yet be compatible with everyday living.

Rebecca Newark

A creative and adaptable person with a keen eye for detail, and confident in my ability to contribute to a group or work independently.

I have designed a wide range of physical and virtual projects during my course, each one has added to my knowledge and understanding of design techniques and skills, the range of opportunities has enabled me to learn where my passions can be applied to take my projects to the next level. I am passionate about active life style products enabling everyone to participate and enjoy the benefits. My most recent projects of Active Hearing Aids, Fitness in the Home, and Bike saddle design for Health, all encompass my application of creative talent to deliver a high standard of technical, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to real-life situations. I like my designs to show empathy for the user, be self-confident, technically well researched. I would like the opportunity to design active lifestyle products and digital interfaces for lifestyle brands. Further developing my ability to communicate my ideas through sketching, CAD and 3D models.

Final year project

Deliver a Hearing Aid With a Range of Inter-Changeable Skins to Meet The Needs of Active Lifestyle Users


2021 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

2019 - 2020 Sand and Birch Design - Design Intern Latina - Italy
Working as part of a multicultural collaborative team was an excellent experience, which required courage and flexibility. I learned a lot from my Italian mentor and International peers. My design skills developed as I took on projects of my own which allowed me an insight into the commercial world of design and enhanced my confidence. As the company is a design consultancy, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including limited edition furniture and tableware ceramics. The team supported me in my research and design project on Saddle Design and Health Issues which enabled me to explore the subject in great detail.