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Bottle System

On the output side, the user can use the 1-litre bottles provided to collect the clean IPA from the outlet this works by the user sliding the bottle up the rubber guide onto the coloured bung the levering the bottle down so the shoulders rest on the supports in place to hold the bottle while it fills.


Used a range of prototypes to test user interaction points to gain insight that leads to meaning full changes in the design. The Prototypes shown were used to test ways to move a container and how the user can attach the bottle.

Rawley Babb

I am a confident and industrious designer with a passion for creating and innovating.

I am a positive and driven person that enjoys forming ideas and realising them through the design process - from ideation through to prototyping.

I have always been interested in how things work and have an enthusiasm for design that has grown throughout my design career. I enjoy finding new ways to better my abilities and strengthen my design capabilities - such as expanding my 3D printing skills during my placement year.

Final year project

Investigating Ways to Reduce Waste in Resin 3D Printing

Work Experience

Vital Auto
Additive manufacturing and Hard modelling
Vital is a design consultancy with the aim to improve the traditional design cycle using modern technology and manufacturing methods to offer a faster less waste full solution. Vital auto specialises in working with large automotive brands to produce full-scale models to be shown at the Geneva car show and the majority of the parts required for this are made in house manufactured and worked on by vital.