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Visual Artists Association Welcome Member Box: Visual 4

The box can be emptied and re-filled with art tools to be carried to your art space, allowing the artist to transport their tools everywhere and anywhere easily. The recycled cardboard insert inside can be reused to act as dividers for the box to add additional organisation compartments within the box itself. Please see my unboxing stop-motion film for a full understanding of the unboxing process.

Smear the Stigma, Cervical Smear Campaign: Front Cover

This project is part of a campaign called 'Smear the Stigma'. An informal magazine, given to women along with their written letter from the NHS asking them to book their Cervical Smear tests. It provides female body illustrations of all shapes and sizes, corrects assumptions women have about the smear test and has a sense of comfort for women who may feel lonely during this experience.

Smear the Stigma, Cervical Smear Campaign: Booking Your Test Double Page Spread

Illustrations on how the booking process can be completed in a relaxing and enjoyable way. A QR code to the actual NHS booking site is also on one of the last pages, encouraging the woman reading to scan and book there and then through the easiest possible way.

Smear the Stigma, Cervical Smear campaign: Cheers to Booking Double Page Spread

As the magazine goes through a storytelling of what it is, assumptions and booking directions, it finishes with an array of legs with drinks and food celebrating the successful booking of their Cervical Smear Tests. Following my pastel colour palette and pattern designs, with the poetic type layout, I have demonstrated throughout the entire magazine.

Smear the Stigma, Cervical Smear Campaign: Border Design

The page layouts are designed to get larger as they go along, to allow the words 'BOOK YOUR SMEAR' to be read along with the right-hand pages. If the magazine were to be left on a pile of other magazines, the message is there without having to even open or read the front cover of the magazine. Using the Magazine as a device to remind the woman to book even without picking up or reading the magazine.

Rachel Kresnyak

My graphic design projects are based on problem solving for real life issues through the use of illustration, graphic design and a strong brand identity.

My graphic design work targets real-life problems and issues through persuasive and visual language and I enjoy being creative with illustration material, incorporating paints and inks to layered patterns and design backgrounds. I'm passionate about developing new projects which demonstrate a strong brand identity through my graphic design and typography ideas and storytelling visuals.

Working at Black Mango Art as a Junior Graphic Designer has given me the opportunity to engage and work with a company's brand identity first hand and learn valuable new graphic design and project skills completing a range of design work.

I have experience producing a variety of visual outcomes such as magazine spreads, brochures, certificates, social media posts and story highlight icons, posters and film.

I like to challenge myself by exploring different types of final designs for a range of audiences, to create the most appropriate and successful possible outcomes. More recently I have enjoyed exploring videography and developing this into my campaign and advertising projects to create an extra element of visual language into these projects.

Final year project

Member Welcome Box | Smear the Stigma, Cervical Smear Campaign

Work Experience

I completed a four-month graphic design internship with Black Mango Art, an events management and experience concepts company that manage two international art events.
Looking closely at their brand identity and audience engagement strategies I was asked to assist with the designing of Certificates of Authenticity for artists, articles and virtual art spaces and develop content for their social media pages to promote the art events. Applying my ideas and skills for brand identity and colour palette I engaged with the artists to create concepts and build promotional material.
Following my internship, I now work part-time as a Junior Graphic Designer for Black Mango Art in their Visual Artists Association to create digital brochures, articles and magazine-spreads. I am learning new skills about creative design and how to build strong brand identities and I am developing these in my design pieces through observing and refining my work.