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READA, Ideas were explored through rough models and direct user interaction, this generated useful insights and allowed me to experiment with form and scale.

READA focusing on helping with the most common dyslexic traits: reading, writing, and spelling. However, this wasn’t anything new, nor did it feel like a fully resolved concept. Leading me onto AIDE, my final year project focusing on an aspect of dyslexia often forgotten about… organisation.

Saisei- Rebirth

A specialised tooth floss case that tests hormone level changes, to combat body dysmorphia in people transitioning. See hormone level, changes and can track the progression of physical and predicted appearance. Through the use of an App and an AR mirror. Allowing the user to feel more comfortable in their current skin and the person they are becoming.

Okon -A New Way of Toilet Cleaning

Folding to save space, hygienically squeeze extra fluid, with textured panels to assist with stubborn stains and an option to squirt them away.

Phoebe Thunder

An enthusiastic, dedicated industrial designer who loves the challenge of working out the how and why; with an open-minded, physical approach.

A designer who looks at problems from new/alternative angles.

Personability and empathy make getting ideas and diving deeper into a problem with the client/others successful as well as communicating a clear understanding of a design problem from different perspectives.

Keeping an open mind and physically playing with an idea helps me to evolve design solutions as well as share them effectively.

Final year project

Aide - An Organisational Aid For Dyslexia


Recognised in the WPO World Star Student Awards.
Highly commended Student Starpack Awards.

Participant at the Roca one-day Design Challenge.

Short-listed for the Triumph Design Awards.
Winning an award for outstanding innovation.