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Think. - Conscious Meat Consumption

This project was in response to the brief set by Creative Conscience titled Conscious Consumption. The brief is based on the fact that the world is currently on a trajectory towards self-destruction due to the overconsumption of goods by consumers. Meat was identified as an especially polluting industry so by changing the packaging that meat is in consumers purchasing habits could be changed for the better. There is a divide between consumers who eat meat and the damage the meat industry causes. This project aims to bridge that divide.

Think. - Conscious Meat Consumption

The design solution drew inspiration from the gradual packaging changes exhibited in the design of cigarette packaging. Packaging was designed for implementation one year, five years and twelve years in the future from the present and reflected a progressive ramping up of measures taken on the packaging ranging from a warning label in the first year to complete coverage of the meat and a large warning label in the twelfth year. AR technology would also be implemented in the twelfth year with consumers having to scan the package first which would transport them to an abattoir through their phone.

Alma - Design a consumer or medical device that improves wellbeing.

One in three people who have a traumatic experience goes on to develop PTSD. Alma allows the individual with PTSD to track their symptoms, such as panic attacks, by simply pressing the button on the side of the device. An embedded LED display allows the individual to synchronise their breathing to the counter in order to bring their symptoms under control. The therapist is then able to interpret the data collected from Alma and talk with the individual about their recovery path.

Alma - Design a consumer or medical device that improves wellbeing.

This image shows a storyboard that illustrates how Alma is used. As well as helping to control the symptoms of a PTSD sufferer, data is collected through the device which the therapist can use to analyse the PTSD sufferers recovery path.

Paddy Wilson

I am a creative and enterprising final year design student. I use my skills to lead projects and can work as part of a team to ensure optimum results and delivery on schedule.

With proven ability in sketching, ideation and graphics in 2D and 3D form, I am able to create and design compelling solutions to problems. I am looking to become part of a dynamic team to further my experience in the workplace and utilise and expand my skill set to drive both myself and your brand to further success.

Final year project



Diploma in Professional Studies, 2020 - Awarded by Loughborough University for completing a placement year at Arup within the Human Factors team.
Creative Conscience, 2021 - Sponsored entry by Loughborough Design School

Work Experience

I carried out a year-long placement working for Arup within the Human Factors team. I was based in their Solihull Office, working closely within the team on a variety of projects. Using the plethora of skills I had learnt whilst at Loughborough University, I proved to be a valuable asset to the Arup. Various abilities were utilised including persona creation, Adobe creative suite and Solidworks. Whilst within the role, I also added to my skill set through learning new software such as PowerBI. This was used to track and analyse injury data for a major infrastructure company within the UK. Moving to a completely new location was an interesting challenge that had not been done before, but by immersing myself within the company culture of Arup I was able to build a life there.