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No Question Of The Consequences


Isolation is a digital drawing that reflects on my experiences within landscapes and how our relationship with nature has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone’s relationship to nature, whether we are isolated from it or forced to return to nature as a form of escapism during these uncertain times. To explore this in my work, I decided to incorporate phrases that have taken on a new meaning such as ‘isolation’ and ‘the new normal’ into my landscapes. The digital format coincidently became a reflection of the world digitalising during the pandemic.

Social Distancing

Blue Valley

Olivia Hollings

Throughout my Fine Art degree, my practice has focused on subverting the traditions of the landscape painting, by exploring a variety of processes including paint, text, print, digital, video, textile and photography.

My work is fuelled by the Ecocentric philosophy that recognises intrinsic value in the earth’s ecosystems and is influenced by the climate change activism that is present in today's society. The overriding theme in my practical work is one of human connection with nature, reflecting on my own experiences within landscapes. Influenced by the abstract expressionism movement -in particular the technique of action painting, which has an emphasis on the physical act of painting itself- my paintings are a spontaneous and gestural response to the landscapes around me. They allow for personal interpretation of brush strokes by the audience with an emphasis on deliberate camouflage and obscuring of text. This increases the ambiguity and intrigue of the piece and draws the audience in to engage further with the subject matter.

Final year project

You Are Responsible