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Clay Lifejacket Maquettes

My initial idea for the sculptures at the fountain was to create them using clay, and so I first created these small-scale maquettes in order to experiment with moulding the form and testing out glazes. Although I found plaster to be a material better suited to large-scale works, these clay maquettes served as a useful reference to sculpt the form of the bigger wire armatures that would later be plastered and spray painted.

Olivia Hicks

I take inspiration from real-world events and aim to bring attention to the ongoing humanitarian crises around the globe.

My work this academic year has been centred around the key theme of the 'abject being' by representing the distorted view many in a position of privilege in the UK have developed regarding their attitudes towards and desire to help asylum seekers who seek peace and citizenship on our shores.

Rather than settling on a singular medium to communicate my ideas, I have utilised various materials that naturally catered to the abstraction of source material and thus reflected the abject and distorted views of the audience in the work.

Over the past 3 years, there has always been a humanitarian undertone to my work which has highlighted to me that my purpose in the workplace would be to use my passion for people and creative skills I have developed through this degree to educate in some way or work to help those in need.

Final year project

Rest in Knowledge