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Compilation of Models Designed in Fusion 360

This is a compilation of models that I designed in Fusion 360.

I designed my private spaces for refugees and the Homeless. In my mind, the best housing solution for the homeless or refugees was to create a form such as interlocking pods which could be stacked and transported.

A Darwinists' Chalice

This image depicts a chalice that is inspired by evolution and natural selection.

I used biomimicry from ants and scorpions as a solution to an organic twist. I scrutinised and researched ants antennas and legs along with inspiration from scorpions tails to help develop the chalices legs and handles.

Connections Postcard

This model was created with Electro-organic systems as inspiration.

I moulded a brain out of clay and incorporated electronic circuitry into the brain, foreshadowing human technological and biological advancements.

The model includes a working transmitter, receiver, capacitors and LEDs.


This is a collection of my 3D Models for my Final iteration.

In this project, I designed and built a coat stand that tackled the issue of form and space. It includes an adjustable mechanism allowing it to be shortened and lengthened per the consumers' requirements.

Drowning in Plastics

This is an image of my final batch of a bio-plastic I developed.

This Bio-Plastic is completely Biodegradable and edible. It is created through the use of, Water, Carrageenan iota, Glycerol and Japanese Knotweed Leaves.

Oliver Weintraub

In the majority of my foundation projects, I have relied on the use of CAD and CAM production. In this project, I decided to use an alternative route.

In this project, I used simple materials that are more or less everyday objects such as corrugated cardboard from delivery boxes. I wanted to take advantage of such overlooked and amazing material. I have ultimately transformed A4 sheets of cardboard, used in delivery boxes and packages and turned them into a three-dimensional product that relies on its own properties to retain structural integrity and form. I believe that you could design and create anything out of cardboard with the correct mechanisms introduced.

Final year project

Multi-Functional Food Container


I was selected to showcase my solution to the "Drowning in Plastics" Project, where I developed my own bio-plastics. It was showcased in the Plastics Exhibition.