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pacto - Compacting

The unique selling point of my product is its ability to reduce in size. Through innovative engineering, the head section of the device slides in and out to be flush with the body- drastically reducing the length of the device when in its collapsed state. The mechanism also allows for some adjustability when aligning the headrest for the patient, this action allows the product to account for the 99th percentile. The mechanism takes on more innovation in that ball bearings mounted within the body run along and sit in holes drilled along the sides of the rails. This should offer enough stiffness so that when set to the desired length it should stay firm but with some additional purposeful pressure can be adjusted.

pacto - Bag

Not just an unnecessary accessory but a significant part of the product. The bag for my device obviously serves as a way of protection from the environment and housing it when not in use but also is key in directing the user through applying the product. Not featured in the above picture but the bag would have the illustrated instructions printed large and clear on one of the sides. With the instructions available to see throughout the application, the process can be completed in a quicker and safer manner.

pacto - Detail

By selecting material with purpose and meticulously planning and prototyping key interaction points, the performance of my device is optimized in terms of usability and comfort. Conveying information between the user and patient is crucial - cutouts around the ear ensure a clear line of communication and a means of correctly aligning the headrest. Small adjustments to the fit of the device can be made with accuracy as the patient can give live feedback with ease. The end of each strap comes to a point - this was a rudimental design feature to include but makes a great difference during application. With this feature threading, the straps through the metal buckles require less dexterity and avoid awkward, fiddly interaction.

tactus - Sensory Stimulation Toy for Adults

Anxiety and stress is a common issue for adults in the UK. Even in 2021, there is still a taboo around effective communication on this topic - especially amongst men. Sensory stimulation has been proven to combat these issues. ‘Fidgeting’ with small kinetic objects offer a way to self-soothe in predictable, rhythmic motor patterns that are calming. As a result, a fidget toy can be a great way to provide a stress or anxiety relief.

tactus - Sensory Stimulation Toy for Adults

The unique selling points of this concept is in the materials and aesthetics. The concept of fidgeting and the science behind it does not differ from the standard fidget toys available on the market. I also included an additional function that may appeal to an older target audience; handgrip exercise capability and heart rate/breathing exercises.

Oliver Turner

As a designer, we offer a unique perspective and skillset that aids all aspects of living. We play a crucial part in shaping and improving the way we interact with a constantly evolving world.

During my time at Loughborough and year in industry, I have seen myself grow in confidence, knowledge and ability, acquiring a range of tools applicable to my design work and approach to living. I place great importance on design iteration and feel that the functionality should be prioritized above all else. I proclaim my specific strengths in design are in driving and justifying my concepts through thorough rigorous detail and physical prototyping. I also believe I am proficient in generating innovative and fresh ideas but feel very competent across all aspects of design. I also enjoy client interaction and project management, I am very self-assured in pitching my ideas to stakeholders and peers. I have learned to appreciate the journey a project takes and overseeing each individual step and organized appropriately. During my time at university, I have taken on employment in multiple forms alongside my studies. I was very pleased to accept part-time employment with my placement company on an ongoing basis, a challenge I have enjoyed in terms of time management and professional development.

Throughout my life, I have demonstrated a desire to learn, develop and challenge myself especially in a demanding and dynamic environment. In professional employment and in my studies my proactive and inquisitive nature has drawn me to new areas of work, in doing this I have gained a broad spread of perspectives from a diversity of colleagues and peers and the ability to complete tasks thoroughly.

Final year project

Portable Device for Stabilizing Spinal Injuries in Contact Sport.

Work Experience

Industrial Designer, Schréder 2019-2021
Schréder is the leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider worldwide. In my role as the only in house designer, I worked within the projects team. In this role, I established an exceptional ability to communicate confidently and effectively across all levels of the company. Each project I worked on involved collaborating with teams from multiple departments such as marketing, engineering and sales to deliver bespoke lighting installations. My hands-on approach and ability to build constructive relationships gave my colleagues the confidence to offer me additional work outside of my role. I welcomed opportunities to work on logistics projects with the warehouse staff and to be in attendance with project managers on on-site visits to offer my opinion of potential work to be done. Seeing my ideas and designs become physical reality was a humbling experience and something I will always be proud of.

Freelance Visual Designer 2018-
Since 2018 I have worked with a number of clients on photo manipulation and graphic design projects for brochures and catalogues. Some of the key skills I utilized on these projects were communicating and designing to client specifications, generating invoices and handling finances and managing my own time in self-lead work.