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Product Assembly

Fossa is created through a variety of manufacturing methods to guarantee quality form and function. The sleeve holds the form of the cooling pod pattern while being flexible enough for the user to be comfy in bed, by being built around a semi-flexible frame, encasing the skin analysing sensors linking to the supporting app.

Prototype Development

Prototyping was carried out from low to high fidelity to generate the best user & material testing opportunities. Various prototypes went through material, durability, ergonomic and function testing.


Concept generation was carried out from early rapid ideation to higher fidelity concepts to produce a wide range of possible routes to develop for the best final solution.


The Fossa sleeve is supported by an app designed to help the user's experience and increase the user's control of their own Eczema. A range of features such as an E.A.S.I severity camera, food log, daily skin condition readings and an intelligent medical social platform allow the user to accurately track and diagnose their skin on a daily basis from home, giving them the personal information to treat their skin better.

RSA Sponsored Entry, Blue Dot

Our proposal to the RSA 2021 brief; 'How might we encourage people and communities to think and act for the long term?' was an app with a supporting physical ‘Tag’ to better inform students of their impact in the environment by using their purchases to quantify their Carbon Footprint. This will motivate them to make more environmental decisions through education, rewards & competition through social comparison.

Oliver Garton

A cooling sleeve to treat sufferers of Atopic Dermatitis

Studying Industrial Design at Loughborough has made a big improvement on the quality of my work, the way I think as a designer and my design process. I am an active and hands-on character, with a real love and curiosity for 3D design that really developed during my placement and final year, shown in my design. My work covers a variety of concept areas, design, function and form depending on the brief. I am really looking forward to taking the next step and starting my career in the design Industry.

Final year project



Top 10 Design Excellence Accolade 2021,
RSA Awards 2021 Sponsored Entry,
Uxathon 2020 App Prototype Runner-Up,
Diploma of Professional Studies (DPS) 2020,
Uppingham School 2017 Golden Pen & Design Award.

Work Experience

Diageo R&D Innovation. During my placement year, I worked for Diageo, a global leader in the beverage & alcohol industry as their Prototyping and Concept Development Intern in their Innovation R&D office. I was given a lot of responsibility and gained much experience by working on both live and long term design projects improving my skills in sketching, concept ideation, CAD, 3D printing, stakeholder appearance modelling, marketing graphics and rendering. I worked with a close team, clients and various global brands to strict deadlines. I was solely in charge of the in-house 3D printer suite after being trained by a 3D printing expert, running SLS & FDM printers. It was a great opportunity and gave me insight into a large variety of projects from concept to finish for various global brands while developing my design skills and interest to take forward into my final year and future career.