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Supporting Print

Screenprint using devoré on silk georgette, burning away the colour to reveal transparency.

Collection of Samples

Layering hand-printed and digital samples in a variety of colourways.

Statement Collage Wallpaper

A statement print consisting of abstracted shapes, colours and textures found in nature.

Octavia Maundrell

Inspired by nature's elements, this collection is created for an artist's residence. Through my playful style and contemporary use of colour and scale, 'Elements' is designed to encourage creativity, freedom and tranquility.

My project portrays the four classical elements; earth, water, fire and air. This foundation for science and medicine was used to explain the complexity of nature in simpler terms. In a similar notion, I have simplified and abstracted textures, shapes and colours observed in my surroundings, drawing on the elements of Oxfordshire, finding inspiration from the lakes, fields and woodlands. 'Elements' is a collection designed for an artist’s residence in the countryside. Using a considered colour palette, fluid marks and experimental collage, 'Elements' includes designs that encourage creativity, freedom and tranquillity. These are feelings I personally experience when immersed within nature and I aim to capture the harmony of colour, shape and scale, that the natural world inherently encompasses. I am particularly inspired by the surrealist quality of Hockney’s art, capturing the everyday using a playful style and unexpected colour combinations. Drawing on the element of Earth, I experimented with a series of sculptures using the earth’s clay. I feel most inspired and excited when exploring sculptural research and my clay creations further influenced the print collection. I challenged myself with new techniques such as patchwork and creating a hand-embroidered punch needle rug. I am excited to continue exploring hand-crafted techniques after I graduate, as I delve into the world of interior design.

Final year project



'20 highly commended by Milliken for a contemporary print collection titled 'Ritual and Wellness', inspired by the practice of dance and observations of the body. I incorporated ceramics, creating fluid sculptures which further inspired my collection. I created a series of carpet designs within this project for a commercial space in response to a live brief.

Work Experience

I gained experience with Betty's Barn Interiors, working for them part-time in between my studies. My roles included stock selection, styling interior spaces and photography. Through this, I exercised my knowledge of colour and placement within an interior space. It also increased my awareness of interior trends, marketing and business management.