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Environment Illustration

Environment illustration depicting the cold, snowy biome of our game.

Environment Illustration

Environment illustration depicting the temperate, forested biome of our game.

Main Aims (pitch document page)

Selected page from our game pitch document that outlines the main intentions of our game design. This page features character illustrations I produced to complement the text within the presentation. Produced in collaboration with Luke Trower and Ragini Mohanty.

Key Character Art

Group illustration depicting playable characters from our game. These character designs are simple and friendly, whilst easily customisable in their appearance.

Assorted Character Art

Various illustrations of playable characters from our game. I produced several illustrations to complement the text in the game pitch document, many of them highlighting the interaction between characters to emphasise the connection our gameplay aims to encourage.

Nix Newton

Illustrator and Character Artist

I aspire towards a career in narrative-led and character illustration. My work during university has largely centred on conveying emotion and personality, apparent in my approach to illustrating our pitch for Trails: Companion World. Working on this particular project has been significant to me in familiarising myself with collaborative design processes and has been exciting to bring a video game concept to life through visuals. I enjoy producing colourful and lively illustrations and often use a mixture of analogue and digital processes in creating my artwork.

My particular skills lie within character art and pre-production art; my projects within my final year at the university have involved character design, storyboarding a music video, video game concepts as well as producing a series of illustrations examining representation within drag culture.

The linked videos are animated stings detailing features of Trails: Companion World, produced collaboratively by our group. Once we decided what information the clips needed to convey, I worked on storyboarding the animations and producing some of the animation assets.

Final year project

Trails: Companion World