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Free at Last

This is an image I took of the face mask out on a wet asphalt road. Originally, the main aspect of the image was the fact that the face mask was finally out and about, however, as I edited the image, I fell in love with the wet reflection on the pavement and how it creates an incredible natural paint splatter effect. Now the image is a bit more abstract and works well with the idea that the face mask is moving into a new world.

A Sock and It's Spirit

This is an early drawing aimed at refining the art style I was going to work with of a sock with its own spirit. It was the first time I began experimenting with using real on-set lighting to achieve a more realistic drawing. I realized that doing so incorporated the drawing perfectly; even before I added more realistic detail to the illustration it already felt like it was present in the scene. Through this drawing, I also learnt about how to use blending modes effectively in Adobe Photoshop. Using a combination of the hard mix, colour dodge, and overlays, I transferred the sock pattern from the sock onto its spirit.

A Desk Lamp and It's Spirit

This is another drawing I created as I was developing the art style and look of my illustrations of a desk lamp with its spirit. The original image didn't have much practical lighting, and the desk light was made out of shiny metal, so I decided to practice drawing in my own light reflections. Using a small, very grainy brush on Photoshop I learnt how to realistically apply reflections onto objects.

A Mailbox and It's Spirit

This was my first drawing of an object with its spirit. When I began considering creating a spirit for my face mask, I thought that if my face mask had a spirit, other objects would have spirits as well. After taking a quick walk and some photos, I imagined what the spirit of this mailbox I saw would look like. This drawing played an important role in giving me a clear vision of how my project would look as a whole.

Nikos Kourous

For the past year, everyone has been a bit overwhelmed with a constant barrage of news, guidelines, rules, and endless conversations about the pandemic. For my final major project, I wanted to acknowledge what we've experienced, but through a different, more positive lens that pushes the viewer to think about the future, and how we'll look back on where we are today. My series of illustrations follow the story of a face mask who, after being tucked away in the back of a drawer for five years, finds themselves roaming the outside world, discovering how much the world has changed. Created on photoshop using a blend of photography and illustration, I tap into a fantastical world where objects -- like a discarded face mask -- come to life.

Final year project

A Masked World