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I mewn I’r cymoedd: Hand-Dyed Yarns

A selection of yarns Nia has hand-dyed in the Dye Lab by mixing various pigments. Nia has dyed Organic Cotton, Welsh Lambswool & Bio Fur.

I mewn I’r cymoedd: Final Piece

One of Nia's Final Collection pieces. Nia hand-dyed sections of the warp in order to show colour variations in her project.

I mewn I’r cymoedd: Final Piece

One of Nia's Final Collection pieces. Nia has used a Double Cloth structure to portray the terraced housing commonly found in the Welsh Valleys, purposefully made for the coal miners. Nia has explored the use of curved twills and fringing to portray the movement of the Valley landscape.

I mewn I’r cymoedd: Development Drawing

One of Nia's initial drawings of the valleys in Pontycymer, Wales. Nia uses a graphic painting style with gouache on cartridge from which she has developed her Woven Designs.

I mewn I’r cymoedd: Development Work

Yarn Wraps to explore scale and colour proportions and Paper Weaves to understand various lifting plan structures.

Nia Jarman

Nia Jarman specialises in Woven Textile Design; she has a strong eye for colour and explores this through her work.

The eventual disappearance of coal mining in the South Wales Valleys during the 1990s has caused an economic decline due to the loss of jobs within the mining sector. With the Valleys in decline, Nia’s final major project: I mewn I’r cymoedd (Into the Valleys) recognises and celebrates the natural beauty of the area.

With Nia’s Grandad being a Coal Miner himself and her Dad living in Pontycymer, Wales; Nia has grown up visiting the area, spending most of her time exploring the landscape with her Dad.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many to appreciate what their homes offer and now wanting to have holidays at home. Nia hopes the Welsh Valleys can be regenerated through the use of staycation homes and intends for her Woven Textile Designs to portray the scenery of Pontycymer and to be used for the interiors of staycation homes in the Valleys of Wales.

Nia has a strong eye for colour and carefully explored the use of colour in her project. She has hand-dyed all her yarns that she has used by experimenting with colour mixing pigments.

Nia’s year in industry was spent at Marks & Spencer’s in their Womenswear Fabric Sourcing Team. She is actively looking for Sourcing and Buying Graduate jobs.

Final year project

I mewn I’r cymoedd (Into the Valleys)

Work Experience

Nia's Placement Year was spent in the Womenswear Fabric Sourcing Team at Marks & Spencers. Nia worked closely with the Buying, Design & Technical Teams to source and develop fabrics for each new season. Nia was able to build both strong admin skills using the PLM, Critical Path & Excel Systems as well as Colour & Trend Forecasting using resources such as WGSN and creating Comp Shop Reports to share with the teams. Nia built strong communication skills with global hubs and suppliers by working with them every day. Nia was very fortunate to attend the London Textile Fair and travel with the team to Paris for trend research. Towards the end of the year, Nia gained further experience with the Buying Team and actively participated in Trade, FIT, Range Plan & Build meetings whilst also shadowing the maintenance of the Critical Path.