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NokNok- exploded view

NokNok has been designed with ease of assembly/disassembly in mind. Wireless charging has also been integrated to charge the 'knockpad', creating a more compelling user experience.

'Sew Yesterday'- tackling fast fashion consumption

'Sew Yesterday' is a collaboratively designed brand and service in response to the Creative Conscience Awards 'Conscious Consumption' brief. 'Sew Yesterday' strengthens the lack of sentimental connection consumers have with their clothing to minimise the damaging environmental impact of excessive clothing purchases.

'Sew Yesterday'- app

'Sew Yesterday' operates through a UK based clothing exchange app. Users are provided with a starter pack that includes scannable iron-on logos with unique codes that are applied to garments and serve as a 'digital passport' for each garment that is exchanged within the community. A location stitch is sewn onto the map after each swap, documenting the continual travel journey of a garment both physically and digitally.

'Sew Yesterday'- starter pack prototype

High fidelity prototyping of the starter pack was carried out to facilitate experience prototyping with users. By pursuing increased accessibility and a positive environmental impact, 'Sew Yesterday' offers an appealing alternative to currently unaffordable sustainable clothing.

Navneet Kaur

A highly empathetic and inquisitive creative driven to develop products and services that create meaningful experiences.

I thrive off exploring solutions that have a long-term impact by enabling meaningful behaviour change. I especially enjoy developing unconventional concept directions.

I have a keen interest in the front-end, research stage of the design process. This has encouraged me to advocate for the end-user around varying social issues that require an empathetic approach. Because of this, I aspire to a role within a collaborative, strategic, user-centred environment.

Final year project

NokNok- remote working communication aid


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

I started my career in the design industry through my placement year at Duku. As an intern designer, I was able to exercise fundamental design skills and held responsibilities over different projects which helped further my comprehensive understanding of the design development process. I was also introduced to key aspects of taking a product through to market in detail including IP, branding and manufacturing.