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Giffgaff recycle - Animated Stories

We broke down several scenes from the animation to create shorter looping videos that are perfect for Instagram Stories.

Giffgaff Recycle - Interactive Stories

We also involved the audience in the narrative by getting them to vote on which item they'd spend the money on.

What If There Was No Creative Industry? - Animated Short

In the first semester, I created a series of animated shorts that highlight the importance of the Creative Industries in the midst of the pandemic, as well as aiming to counter the sentiment that a career in the Creative Industries is somehow less valuable or worthwhile.

In this short, I highlighted how integral creativity was in keeping us all sane during the lockdowns by exploring how mind-numbingly boring everyday life would be without TV, film, books, and art.

What If There Was No Live Music? - Animated Short

In this animated short, I aimed to show the importance of live music by showing an exaggerated version of what life would be like if it suddenly disappeared.

Ambient EP Project

My final project - which I am currently working on at the time of writing - is the visual identity for an EP of Ambient Music, including various album covers, an animated visualiser/music video, packaging design, and posters for a hypothetical event. Through this project I am exploring how Ambient Music can be utilised as an immersive experience to relax and unwind, offering a respite from the overstimulation of modern life.

I'm absolutely loving working on this project and can't wait to show more of it on my socials and at the physical degree show.

Nathan Monaghan

I am a multidisciplinary designer and animator interested in storytelling and the intersection between design and music.

My practice as a designer aims to find a balance between the old and the new, as I draw upon an eclectic range of influences in art, music, film, fashion, and popular culture. I am particularly interested in working with artists and bands to enhance the listening experience, grow their audience, and bring their vision to life with my visual flair and unique creative insight. I am also interested in telling fun, emotive, outlandish and irreverent stories through illustration and animation.

Although I primarily work digitally, my work is characterised by a raw, handmade, rough-around-the-edges quality that retains the intimacy of traditional mediums.

Final year project

'cold. hard. cash' - Ad Campaign for Giffgaff Recycle


Our Giffgaff project was selected as one of the winners of the D&AD 2021 New Blood Awards - we just need to wait until the Awards Ceremony on July 8th to find out what level Pencil we've won.

Work Experience

Over the past few years, I've been completing freelance design work alongside my degree. I have worked on a variety of projects for clients such as start-up clothing brands, musicians, and local small businesses.