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The Fish Find - Page 6

This page leads up to another pull out tab of a fish, but this fish still doesn't fit the description given on page 1 of a Stripy and Yellowfish.

page 7

The Fish Find - Page 7

This fish will also be on a physical pull out tab, revealing that this yellow fish isn't stripy and so isn't Freddy fish.

Page 10

The Fish Find - Page 10

Getting to the end of the book suspense is rising and the reader is eager to find the stripy yellow fish.

The Fish Find - Page 11 (final page)

Finally, the readers are led to a more zoomed environment and find the stripy yellow Freddy fish they have been looking for. This is their final pull out tab and the adventure ends.

Natasha Thomas

Often focusing on digital outcomes, I like to mix the graphic design and illustration specialisms.

I have found myself telling stories throughout my Foundation course, whether that is through clay modelling, drawn stop motion or still posters. All of these and our very enjoyable book cover design project inspired me to complete a full picture book, aimed at children aged 0-4 years and focusing on interactive book qualities. This book contains pull out tabs and flaps to reveal different marine life in the search for the narrators fish Freddy, a butterflyfish featured on the front cover. My main aim with the project is to visually and physically engage the reader in a very light-hearted, colourful adventure, as well as educating young children about the variety of wildlife in oceans. It is my belief that the more educated children are, on what's out there, the less likely it is that these children will grow up to harm these essential environments.

Final year project

Children's Picture Book Project