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Creating Subtle Colour Transitions

To enhance the techniques within the collection, part of the warp had been dip-dyed to create subtle ombre effects throughout. This was to enhance the extra weft patterning in places and an additional way for me to translate the beauty of change.

Developing Lifting Plans

Throughout my final year, I have been developing a technique using extra weft to explore a variety of lifting plans. For each of the four main samples in this collection, I have hand drawn each lifting plan on graph paper to understand how each section of the lifting plan will flow fluently into the next as well as coordinating it with my threading plan. This enabled me to create the figurative patterns found in nature and create a bespoke and luxury finish for the collection.

Inspiration from Paintings

In the early stages of developing this project, I found that my paintings were extremely informative as to the colour proportions of my woven samples as well as developing the illustrative approach I have towards creating the lifting plans.

Colour Theory

Understanding the use of colours within interior design has been fundamental to my design development. For example, using shades of blue within a room can help aid serenity and calmness as well as lowering a person's blood pressure. I believe it is really important to take these factors into consideration, especially when designing for well-being.

Suppoting Samples

To support the main samples in Bloom, I then used an 8 shaft table loom to create simpler patterning which heavily focusses on colour and texture to use as soft furnishing fabrics.

Natalie McCormack

Using the beauty of nature to create sustainable natural dyes and inspire intricate woven patterning

My aim is to create luxury textiles for interiors with sustainability and wellbeing being at the core of all of my design choices. This includes using responsibly sourced yarns such as organic silk, cotton and tencel which has a luxurious feel yet have a minimal chemical impact on the environment. Furthermore, all the yarns used have been hand-dyed myself using natural dyes to further reduce chemical waste. This is not only to protect the environment but to also protect the thousands of people who put their lives on the line every day to create synthetically dyed yarn.

My greatest passion when creating woven fabric is to draw my own lifting plans which adds to the unique and bespoke nature of the designs. Developing this technique as well as building upon the extra weft method throughout my final year has cumulated in the main final samples of Bloom.

Bloom has tied together all of my passions into one project as it is a sustainable collection designed for a wellbeing centre environment. The main samples are intended for room dividers to soften the acoustics of a room which will create a calming environment alongside a soothing colour palette. The collection is made to create a positive message through the designs by showing the beauty of change. I believe this is an important message to spread in the current climate when heading out of such uncertain times. Bloom highlights this ethos by showing flowers growing through my lifting plans or subtle colour transitions through the samples.

Final year project



'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
This diploma was achieved through undertaking a placement year when I interned at companies linked to the textiles' industry. This helped me to understand how the textiles' industry works on various platforms before entering the world of work

'17 | '18 Designs Exhibited at Premiere Vision
My designs were selected within both my first and second year of studying to be sent to Premiere Vision. This was an exciting achievement as this was the first time my work could be viewed by professionals in the textile industry.

Work Experience

Gainsborough Silk Weaving - September 2019 - 1 Month
This placement gave me an incredibly in-depth understanding of how weaving works on a large scale in industry and how bespoke fabric is tailored towards clients. Whilst working there I also had a chance to explore the design archives which gave me the inspiration to create a luxury, highly detailed textile collection for my Final Collection.

Yorkshire Blankets - 2020/21 - 6 Months
Whilst this placement did not contain any hand-weaving, it helped me to understand all the aspects of running a small business and all the roles this entails. This placement also gave me the opportunity to explore sustainability within the textiles industry and ways to be innovative with design to create zero waste.