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Mya Kelley

My design approach is based on mixed media, fine arts, photography and printing.

The concept for my final project was to explore and examine the female form and expression of female identity. I have personally suffered from my own body image and self-love and this project aimed to challenge the preconceived idea of what women are 'supposed' to look like and how we are 'supposed' to act and dress.

My personal strengths lie within photography, textiles, ceramics and painting. I am passionate about printmaking which I am eager to continue with during my degree course next year. I enjoy creating art in many different media and exploring the combinations of these intrigues me.

Within this final project I have expanded my skills and constantly stepped out of my comfort zone. This includes photographing strangers, creating surveys and attending workshops in an area I haven't previously explored. I hope to further continue with this and consider installation, working on a larger scale and adapting my work to different underlying concepts.

Final year project

The 'Perfect' Woman