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Recipe Box and Recipe Envelope

Bloom's personality is inspiring, welcoming and exciting, I wanted to copy and the user experience to reflect these traits. The box is designed to depend on a shared experience, needing both Grandparent and Grandchild to participate to make the recipe work. It is designed with elements of anticipation, to get the younger audience excited and intrigued about learning.

Plant Pamper Day Map

Depending on the results of the Plant Pamper Day "Therapy Finder" feature (Explained in Animation) which will vary from plant to plant, the user gets sent a map and an indication of which areas are best suited to their plant's needs. This map is designed in the same cut out paper texture style as the other Plant Pamper Day assets. This gives the campaign a light-hearted and welcoming quality.

Bloom Box Design 2

This is another recipe design for Bloom. I made the illustrations out of cutouts from the watercolour paintings I did. This gives the brand a more organic, raw and natural effect, whilst the pink tones and font choices have a more warm and friendly effect on the design.

Assets for Activation (Plant Pamper Day)

As part of this campaign's activation, I developed some Plant Pamper Day illustrations that were on-brand with Patch to become part of their delivery box design during the build-up to the events. This as well as developing coffee cup wraps for local coffee shops to use as part of the advertising of the event. These illustrations playfully depict some of the treatment stations and chaos that would be a part of the event.

Asset for Activation (Bloom)

Part of the activation for Bloom involved targeting the 65-85 predominantly female target audience. I designed these canvas reusable shopping bags as one of the advertising assets for this project. It includes illustrations used on the Bloom packaging, to familiarise my target audience with the brand.

Molly Insall

I am particularly engaged with brand activation and overcoming problems regarding connecting with a specific audience. My projects are often quite bizarre in approach in engaging an audience and my projects often have a jovial and light-hearted tone.

My work is often branded with a humorous tone, I always focus on this, as an emotional and memorable connection with the targeted audience. I have always been particularly engaged with activation campaigns and projects. I would regard myself as a strong communicator favouring topics and concepts that are unusual. In my projects, I make a conscious effort to avoid being ordinary, whether that be the approach to solving a problem or whether the final physical outcome is in a sense bizarre. My gratification of the ideation process and developing engaging content has led me to work alongside start-ups, often on the marketing team, focussing on building a brand personality and attracting a larger audience. In this experience, I have found I work extremely well with a team, enjoying the process of hearing others' ideas and developing concepts.

Final year project



Still awaiting the response from a YCN Student Design brief submission.

Work Experience

I recently have been accepted as the leading force in the digital marketing team, working for a start-up called Vendr. This is a Loughborough based local delivery service, focussed on connecting both locals and students with market stalls' produce. This has been an exciting experience, working alongside highly motivated and fearless individuals that are focused on innovating. This has helped put strategies and concepts I conceived during my degree to practice. My focus after finishing my degree is to get Vendr name widespread throughout Loughborough and working on unique concepts to engage students to buy locally. Challenges that have come with engaging the student bracket is trying to get them to pay higher prices for certain products. My strategy of building a greater follower base by attending local pub events and offering expensive samples in exchange for following on the Vendr social media accounts. The response was exceptional, within a number of days doubling the following and sales of the more expensive items that we sampled were extensive. I have plenty more ideas for innovating the current marketing approach, particularly excited to develop a project focussed one attracting the newest series of Freshers come October 2021.

I have worked on several freelance projects, one involved identifying the logo and branding for a start-up clothing company. This was challenging as the owner of the company was based in Liverpool, therefore we could only discuss the outcomes and developments over Zoom calls and social media. This made reaching the final outcome a lengthy process, but he was extremely happy with the finished product, saying I had "captured the brand's essence perfectly". This was a rewarding process, working with someone I didn't know, building upon his ideas of what the brand was and how to communicate that.