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Boxx Knuckle Wraps

In light of the global pandemic, participation in at-home recreational boxing has further increased. Boxx was created to provide users with a sleek alternative compared to traditional boxing bags to keep up with the rising demand. This at-home shadowboxing exercise unit mimics the feeling of punching a boxing bag on the user’s knuckles without the risk of injury. It does this through the latest haptic feedback technology.

Boxx Home

Boxx consists of both the wearable knuckle wraps and their respective storage unit entitled Boxx Home. Boxx home connects the knuckle wraps to the user's TV. Here, training schemes, as well as recommended technique improvements based on the movement the knuckle wraps make, will be displayed during the user's workout. After use, the knuckle wraps are placed back into Boxx home where they will charge wirelessly.

AeroPress Prototype In Motion

The brief set for this project was to create a fully automated coffee machine prototype using an AeroPress. The design created dispenses hot water and ground coffee into the AeroPress from above. From there the AeroPress housing rotates to have the filter that the coffee gets dispensed through pointing down.

AeroPress Prototype In Use

A linear actuator is used to press the AeroPress plunger down. This dispenses the coffee through the filter and into the user's mug below. The project outcome was a 3D printed, fully functional coffee machine prototype providing users with delicious hot coffee.

Problem Solving Through Ideation

I used sketching to quickly visualise and resolve any outstanding problems during the design development process. I am a hands-on worker so when applicable, I will make quick card models to better visualise the product.

Mirthe Hofstede

I am a highly motivated designer who aspires to create innovative solutions through a hands-on design approach.

I find designers daring. We take a problem, decide we want to find an innovative solution, and create a beautiful outcome. Designers are shaping the world without the majority of users even realising it as great design should just make sense. Throughout my work, I have welcomed every opportunity to learn. With each project, I strive to not only create a creative design solution but also enhance and broaden my skill set. It excites me that I am working towards being a part of this forward-thinking industry.

Final year project

A Navigation Aid For Visually Impaired Swimmers


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

As part of my year in the industry, I had the opportunity to work at Makino Milling Machine Co. in Tokyo, Japan. Makino is an internationally acclaimed company within the machine tool industry which in 2019 introduced Makino Design. As the design was new within Makino, I was given a large amount of responsibility and opportunity to influence Makino Design’s new brand identity. Projects that I took part in included designing two new lines of machine tools, graphic design and interior office design. I welcomed every opportunity to learn which included communicating in the Japanese language by having Japanese lessons multiple times a week.