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Touch - A Zine for You and Your Breasts

My Zine encourages women to Touch, Feel and Look at their breasts for changes. It captures a sensitive topic in a playful and organic manner.

Miriam Pritchard

My illustrative style is bold and playful, storytelling being a key component. Influenced by Quentin Blake's gestural lines and quirky characters, my work can be both humorous and sensitive. I work mainly with pen, inks and collage, then develop the work further digitally.

My children's book 'Bonkerz Questions For Brilliant Kids' takes the concept of children's questions and answers them in imaginative and playful ways. The book aims to spark discussion, giving kids (and adults) a chance to think outside the box. I hope to drive this concept to make a series of books, as there are always more questions to ask and answer.

'Touch - A zine for you and your breasts' aims to empower women of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes to check their breasts for lumps and bumps. In the first lockdown, one million women missed their breast cancer check-in. I wanted to highlight the importance of regular checks in a visually appealing and engaging way. It stands apart from the off-putting clinical leaflets found on cancer.

Using a range of materials and carefully considered composition, I create images that are exciting and original. I use a hands-on approach, combining drawing, typography and collage. I have the ability to solve design problems and can work at a fast pace.

I'm really looking forward to working with a diverse range of clients and projects from editorial illustration to children's books. The working freelance will allow me to pursue my illustration further while playing hockey internationally.

Final year project

Bonkerz Questions For Brilliant Kids


My work has been featured in both Magazines 'The Record Press' and 'Book(ish)'.

Work Experience

Working with Printmaker Dale Devereux Barker at Gainsborough’s House, I learnt how to problem-solve quickly and be selective when producing a large quantity of work. The experience also had a huge impact on my development as an illustrator - the textures, shapes and colours used in printmaking are now regularly interwoven into my practice.

For the England U21 and Loughborough Hockey teams, I created game-day promotional content and graphics surrounding our team culture and values. These experiences developed my adobe photoshop skills, my ability to handle typography and image together as well as thinking more clearly about layout and composition.

My role in the leadership group for my country and club has strengthened my ability to work under pressure and lead a team through the highs and lows of elite hockey. This links to illustration as I can deliver work swiftly, respond well to feedback and work professionally with a variety of people.