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Reconstructed is part of my Is This My Face? project. A self-portrait collage made from my own images, pieced back together to make a new face.


Icarus is part of my Greek Mythology project. A collage piece constructed from burnt drawings to represent the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun.

Midas Touch

Midas Touch is part of my Greek Mythology project. An acrylic painting depicting the myth of King Midas and his golden touch destroying everything in his life.

The Tentacle

The Tentacle is part of my Deep Sea project. An acrylic painting depicting an Octopus tentacle in the depths of the ocean.

Clay Tentacle

Clay Tentacle is part of my Deep Sea project. A clay sculpture of an Octopus tentacle inspired by my acrylic painting The Tentacle.

Michaela Smith

I am a Fine Artist that enjoys experimenting with many mediums, often returning to watercolours, collage and digital art.

My main project, Is This My Face?, explores the mental afflictions that Body Dysmorphia has on the mind. Through my artwork, I document the thoughts and feelings I have personally experienced which involve the common reoccurrence of the question, “Is this my face?” as Body Dysmorphia mentally distorts my own image.

My strengths and skills lie heavily within watercolours, collage, and drawing as these are the mediums I most enjoy. However, I do appreciate the opportunity to experiment and develop new skills within different materials such as digital art, photography, and sculpture.

My aims for the future are to keep improving my skills and start a small business selling my artwork.

Final year project

Is This My Face?