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Discoid - FIlm Photography

The advertising campaign for Discoid was shot on Film and VHS. This was to reinforce the idea that "old" can still be desirable and trendy. This image further displays the type of editing style of the brands advertising campaign.

Discoid - Photo Series

Series of images for the project Discoid showcasing the individual clothing pieces.

Example of Photography Work

Example of my photography work.


Eddie is a drug education service aimed at opening up the conversation about drug use within UK universities. The goal is to allow students to make informed decisions.

It is proven that deterrence methods regarding drug use, such as expulsion, force students not to seek help in situations concerning drugs and this can end up with fatal consequences. Universities should adopt more welfare concerning methods. This is where Eddie is introduced. Eddie provides students with the information they need to make informed decisions about drug use. This information includes recognising the signs of an overdose, the effects that drugs can have on the body, and the chemical makeup of drugs so that they know important information such as mixing cocaine with alcohol is dangerous.


Eddie - Part 2. For this poster, I tried to show the physical effects of drugs in order to be more hard-hitting with the audience and try to engage with them more. During my research I discovered that creating an emotional response really made the audience think, to stop and question the design; so I tried to emulate this within my advertising.

Megan Turpie

My work is centred around photography, branding and print design. I enjoy experimenting with my designs using unorthodox methods and materials to articulate my ideas.

The work I have created in my final year of the university has consolidated my interest in Fashion & Graphics. I want to push myself forward and extend my fashion photography to build graphic art for fashion advertising and branding.

Final year project

What Nobody Tells You in Your Twenties

Work Experience

I have worked as a freelance designer throughout the university, helping small start-up business to build their brand identities. These experiences have provided me with effective time management skills; juggling freelance, part-time and university. I was able to communicate effectively with each client even when they were unsure of the specifics that they wanted for their brand.

I have created my own concepts for photoshoots which have included models from the agencies J'adore and Atlantis. I then went on to photograph and edit these concepts. These images have then been used in a models portfolio book. This experience was successful due to the cooperation of everyone involved. I was able to put together professional pitch documents for each concept so that everyone involved had a proper sense of direction and knew what they were doing. This was my first director role and one that I enjoyed a lot. This experience inspired some of the work of my final year project.